Non-Lethal Semi-Permanent Thief Marking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by <exile>, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Excuse the lame thread title.

    The family has been discussing some non-lethal ways of creating a way of marking a thief in the event they go somewhere they shouldn't. My thinking is something like they use in bank bags where there is ink that cannot be washed off. That way if we have a trespasser we can easily run an ad offering reward with anyone that is covered in 'color blah' ink. The particular areas we're looking at protecting currently have no power and honestly there isn't much to take but I'd like to discourage future trespassing and know who is doing it without having to resort to going to court for 'injuries suffered' while on my property if you get my drift.

    I'm open to alternative but something that is non-lethal and would make the person stand out like a sore thumb.
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    Oddly enough, I've never given any thought to a non-lethal way to stop or catch a thief. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    While not marking - a loud noise is easy enough to rig to scare someone away.

    On teh marking front perhaps it could be as simple as painting a door knob with never seize silver paint. Oh they can wipe it off but it will take awhile. The only other thing that comes to mind is ink - the old falling bucket or breaking balloon, but keep in mind that it will cover your door, floor and walls too.....
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    Tar and feathers is the only thing I can come up with Actually they have UV powder that sticks around on people for a couple of days only problem is that the person would have to be near UV light for Identification
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    skunk spray, most trapping outfits sell some really foul extracts to cover human scents,
    Hidden and otherwise( "game tracker "still cameras can watch a trail or spot.)...anti-seize is a good idea, it does not like to come off.perhas dry "Rit brand " dyes available every where...Raganar bensen wrote abook called"mantrapping" I've never held a copy but its a "palladin press" kinda item.

    IIRC "Booby trapping" even your own property can be illegal in todays nanny state....So don't blind any body with skunk piss.
    paintballs filled with whatever.?How "Rube Goldberg"do you want to get? I could see a weight rigged to a release to put pressure on a cylinder plumbed to a spray bar,but folks need to know its there to have a" deterrent" effect. what are you trying to protect????
    use a funnel to put dry rit dye ina balloon or condom blow it up (with a compressor nozzle) break the balloon overhead in creative ways.Watch that mc caulkin kid in "home alone"for inspiration??? lol...
    Chain a horny wolverine to the box???
    Non-lethals include impedeing movement: cans of that expanding insulating foam??they'll be there in the morning...the expanding foam and "gorilla glue" won't come off and leaves a black residue.
    This is getting to be fun...!
    "fu-gas" and sheit-dipped punji pits????
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