"nonex" non explosive concrete breaking...

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    Happened to click on an image in one of the infowars articles and it linked to:
    A non explosive( gas generator technology) for quiet vibration-less concrete distruction)I'm sure they are implying its use in bringing down wtc1,2,and7 but I've never heard of it so here 'tis..OSB [haay][gone]
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    High explosives were still used in the 9-11 incident, due to the massive structural steel beams which had been severed cleanly and neatly into tiny bits. Additionally, the video evidence shows molten steel flowing from one of the towers, and the hot spots left over are indications of thermal explosives, known as thermite or thermate.

    Whether this Nonex was used in conjunction with Thermite is a very tangible question, and one that could very well prove to be worth checking into. By weakening the concrete, and essentially timing the Nonex with the Thermite column explosions, a far more effective demolition process may be rendered.

    It is no secret now that the inside connections (Marvin Bush) had complete security access to the WTC complex leading up to the final days before 9-11.

    I would check into the dealings that Nonex has had, including all of their "clients". If no money trail can be found, then dig up where this Nonex technology originated (not just the UK, but who was involved).
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    There was this one picture depicting a massive beam sticking out of the rubble sliced neatly at a 45 degree angle with cutting slag formed all around the cut edges .It has since dis apppeared into obscurity..It was my "aha! moment,but the wife countered "You don'tknow when it was taken,perhaps the rescue crews cut it days into the cleanup operation.She hada point but it qualified asTHE smoking gun in mybook...
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