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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by RevJames, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. RevJames

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    Question from a first timer....

    I don't know about in the US but here in Canada we can buy a chinese made clone of the m14 ( limited to a five round magazine ) [dunno]

    Anyway, my question is, I've cleaned the cosmoline off the metal and now it just looks that normal?

    Any thing I should be aware of pertaining to this firearm?

    Bought through the mail so there wasn't an opportunity to ask questions...
  2. ghrit

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  3. slug36

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    the grey on the metal is probably parkerizing.
  4. Hispeedal2

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    The gray is certainly parkerizing.

    The Chicoms actually have a closer spec receiver than the SAI M1As. They are actually forged (not cast like SAI) like the M14.

    There were some issues with soft bolts at one time. I think that was a long time ago. At the price you can get one in Canada, they are a steal.

    Go here:

    The Chinese are pretty good at reverse engineering.
  5. RightHand

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    Usually the Chicom have a slightly larger gas cylinder requiring an oversized piston and oversized gas cylinder wrench. Not a problem as long as you are aware of the differences. We (Sadlak Industries) make oversized pistons and wrenches just for this purpose. As most of you know, a manganese phosphate finish has the possibility of resulting in variations of color depending of the raw metal prep as well as the solution and temperature during the process.
  6. myriflemylife

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    if you mean the surface of the metal, yes, it's normal, all 5 of norinco M14 I saw are gray, parkerizing I thingk.
  7. E.L.

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    I had one ten years ago. Never shot it, then sold it to someone that wanted it badly enough for me to make a good profit on it. One of my few regrets, should have kept it.
  8. XR750

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    Can they be purchased in the states
  9. CrufflerJJ

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    Yes, but you've got to find one that was brought into the country years ago before Chinese imports were banned (??early 1990s??). I believe the designation for these is the M14S.

    Check GunBroker or AuctionArms, or just keep an eye open at your local gun shows.
  10. Tommy Jefferson

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    Cool! I didn't even know these things existed.
  11. XR750

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    Thanks for the info Cruffler.
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