Norman Rockwell, the four freedoms.

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    Norman Rockwell, the four freedoms...

    Although the Four Freedoms series was a great success, 1943 also brought Rockwell an enormous loss. A fire destroyed his Arlington studio as well as numerous paintings and his collection of historical costumes and props.

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    A great paining, in these days a ... fill in the blanks...

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    I do love these...
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    He looks like Dennis Weaver......
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    He truly portrayed the real American.
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    The last two are blatant socialist propaganda based upon FDR's 1941 State of the Union Address. Tacked onto two vital human freedoms plainly stated in the BOR to help fix them in the minds of the people post depression and leading into our involvement in WWII. And as you probably already understand, they are well fixed even now.

    The freedom from want? Didn't the socialists already phrase that as, 'to each according to their need'? So much BS and so blatantly stated.

    There is no inherent freedom from fear...that's buying into the illegitimate power governments have seized upon to provide for your safety at the expense of your real freedoms. This has all been going on for far too long. It should more appropriately be labeled as a freedom to overcome fear.

    Just mine own not at all humble opinion on the matter.
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    Rockwell new the soul of America better than any other artist, IMTO
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