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    Hope you all have plenty of tin foil. You probably should put on an extra layer before reading further...

    I just had to get this out. I've been thinking about the current flap with North Korea. Here is my theory of what is really going on... Kim Jung Un starts up with the normal PRNK belligerence to scare the west into giving the country food and "humanitarian assistance". Also to puff up his standing with his own people. Pretty standard stuff over the last few decades from PRNK.

    Enter King O and others who desire to profit from destroying America. Now the opportunity exists to back Kim Jung into a corner where he has to do something or be humiliated in front of his people. Basically goading PRNK into a fight. Once the fight starts, someone from our side detonates a nuke or two inside the US and blame it on PRNK. King O may or may not have any involvement in this action but had the predictable (and desired) reaction: declaring a state of national emergency/war, implementation of martial law nationwide (or at least urban areas), and invoking of the EO to nationalize everything under the President's control to "ensure the safety of Americans at home". PRNK is the perfect opportunity for this because they are not any real threat to our existence and we can squash them like a bug at any time. So those who engineered the situation (for any number of reasons. pick one) get their wish to have a controllable absolute ruler installed while never running the risk of an invasion from a foreign power.

    This would also explain the rash of movies, news stories, etc. painting PRNK as malevolent boogie men. Gotta prep the sheeple to believe the lie that PRNK nuked us.
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    It's certainly a possibility at this point. None of this is beyond the reach and effort of the secret government, who has used false flag terror in the past.

    The only certainty which remains constant, is the march for globalism with corporate cartels at the top of the pyramid.
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  3. Icefoot

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    I keep thinking about the end of each season of 24 when we find out all the fuss was created by someone looking to make obscene amounts of money from the resulting chaos they tried to cause. If only Jack Bauer has not screwed up all their plans...
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    Yeah, they made a show out of this called Jericho, it ran for a season and a half.
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    I LOVED JERICHO! I was very disappointed when it was cancelled. Was probably a little too close to the truth for some people and CBS was pressured into dropping it using the excuse of poor ratings... I love tin foil. So therapeutic when I can't get to the range for cordite therapy...
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    As soon as I read your post Jericho jumped into my mind as well. This will be forever a false-flag opportunity for someone to pull off to create chaos and the .gov would be included in that group. Then they could get the UN to come in and "save" us and we would be one step closer to the "one world government" that the left so desires. But on the other side of the coin, I think China at some point wants to be the world leader and may not go along with any UN solution for centralized government.
  7. Beano

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    I don't think anything is off the table. Tinfoil theories are slowly moving into the realm of possibilities. From there, it's probability, then likelihood.

    I, too, was reminded of it when everyone is on the same page lol

    I see the US falling victim to the same nation-building scheme we have inflicted on other sovereign nations at some point. In my mind, that is the most dystopian and frightening, world-turned-upside-down scenario I can imagine. We'll spend a while under the boot of dot gov, then someone else will come along and promise us another brand of the same thing.
  8. tacmotusn

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    Reread the Matt Bracken books in order. ENEMIES foreign and domestic 2003pub, DOMESTIC ENEMIES the reconquista 2006pub, FOREIGN ENEMIES and traitors 2009pub, and compare to recent American History and Current Events. Matt is either a prophet or a time traveller.
  9. Brokor

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    My guess is time traveler. [slow]
  10. DMGoddess

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    My 2 cents: 'don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain'. I've actually pulled out 1984 and Brave New World for a re-read. I haven't touched those since college.
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  11. oldawg

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    My 2cents, Matt is two accurate for a prophet so time traveller is my guess.
  12. ColtCarbine

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    You sure it is just the left desiring a One World Government. I do believe Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) was the first President to use the term, New World Order. However, George Bush Sr. referenced the term also in the 90's. It is not a term/phrase used exclusively by the left, the infection runs deep with not much care for which political party it has infested. ;)
  13. Yard Dart

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    I agree, you took my thought to the next level...
  14. franks71vw

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    interesting to see all the "new Movies" protraying PRNK in such a manner.... hmmmm foil on
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  15. NotSoSneaky

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    America has been in a state of emergency and at war since 9-11-01. With the strengthening of The Patriot Act and the passage of The National Defense Authorization Act we have essentially imposed martial law in every major metropolitian center.

    Look at NYC; with it's "Stop and Frisk" policy, the TSA and Border Patrol checkpoints in many cities and consider what's happening right now with many states with regards to the second ammendment. The Fed's know a nationwide gun control bill will not pass, so now the adgenda is being carried out on a state-by-state basis.

    Our justice system has been preveted into a legal system of confined workers much like a nightmarish version of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. The Patriot Act and the The National Defense Authorization Act can insure one never finds relief from the system.

    Oblabla has recently nationalised elections here, this means the Dem-0-Rats now get to pick who sets up the voting machines, run the elections and count the votes.

    The Republic is dead, and most citizens don't know it because the .gov control every aspect of their lives from what they see on the news at night to which distractions they are permitted to see before the shows cut to the state - sponsored news.

    Martial law and the coronation of the King Oblabla need not happen, with the nationalization of the electoral process, the stage has been set for Hilliary (or some other well groomed avowed socialist) in 2016.

    As I see things there are few options to stop this; a complete economic collapse (most likely), armed rebellion (unlikely but plausible) or foreign invasion (possible after collapse triggers gun confiscation).

    I've said enough, now my head hurts from thinking about this. hissyfit
  16. Brokor

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    Actually, since March 6, 1933. But, the passage of the Patriot Act and emergencies declared since 9-11 have added to the control matrix significantly.

    The purpose, is to incrementally add new emergencies, increasing the level of tyranny each time. With every proclamation, every emergency of war powers act, the country and its people are brought deeper into the globalist dictatorship. It's not enough to just have the (illegitimate) authority to rule as an oligarchical dictatorship, the overall consensus and public opinion must also come in line. The Russians perfected this process, or so we thought. The normalization process has run its course, and we now see more and more people rallying behind the corporate establishment, from every media talking point. The saying, "democracy dies with thunderous applause", paraphrased and taken from Star Wars, is most pertinent. There is no better way, no greater measure of certainty of having complete rule than to manipulate the masses into supporting their own slavery. The war on terror has brought about a new age of control and series of abuses which extend far beyond those exacted during the communist era. Looking to the future, we will see increased programs and executive authority doled out at every disaster and happening the establishment can capitalize on. This is the process. This is the steady subversion of a once proud republic, brought to its knees by ignorance, fear, greed and unfettered indifference.
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  17. NotSoSneaky

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    Odd how life sometimes imitates art , innit it ?
  18. Brokor

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    There are actually a lot of subtle messages in Star Wars, scripted on purpose I believe.
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  19. ghrit

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    Tin foil being what it is, geopolitics is somewhat interesting. If we believe diplomatic mouth music, the world wants Korean unification; that makes some sense, morally and ethically, if not economically.

    -One or both of the Koreas is toast upon the first shot taken (almost undoubtedly to come from the north tho' I'll concede the possibility of a false flag operation from almost anywhere.)
    -If the trigger is pulled, SK will take the brunt at first, then the allies wade in, and NK is obliterated barring China taking an active hand."
    -If the trigger is pulled, reunification is inevitable, in some fashion.

    Possible consequences/end game:
    -Now, do you think China wants a "democratic" society right on it's border?
    -That leaves China as a force to be reckoned with, and I don't question their ability to take the peninsula on as a client state.
    -zero has no stomach, nor does the rest of the US, for an all out, or even limited war with China.

    What I see, my opinion only:
    Either China reins in the fat boy to maintain the buffer between "democracy" and itself, or we might as well cede SK to China. You pick. Anything other than the status quo is unacceptable to all parties.

    Side thoughts:
    -I don't think China will wade into an active war, they stand to gain territory by default (via economics) after the hot war is ended, which won't take long. The economic war will go on for years, but China is patient.
    -I would not be surprised if China should wade in that they would face battles on at least three fronts. SEA, the west (Russia is a nominal, but not close ally of China, but they are opportunistic and historically ignore treaties) and the Indian subcontinent. (There's also the middle east, muslims have no great love for China.)
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  20. DMGoddess

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    I agree that China won't wade into an active war. They've proven their patience. Why do the dirty work? They can wait for the dust to settle, and then go in with food, clean water, etc., and the Koreans will welcome them with open arms.
    I wonder if we're going to be here on the 11th?
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