North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts

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    If true barry's gang that can't shoot straight make the USA look like fools again..

    The FBI just last week confirmed what many Americans already assumed to be a forgone conclusion when they revealed there was conclusive evidence that North Korea's government was behind the hacking of Sony, an attack the government bureau said was carried out as a way 'to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves.'

    Then, in a press conference on Friday, President Obama not only attacked North Korea and leader Kim Jong-un for their attempts to 'intimidate' Americans through their actions, but went so far as to warn the country that America would retaliate in response their actions.

    Almost immediately the North Korean leader issued a statement denying involvement and demanding an apology from the United States for their 'evil doings.'

    And while that apology is probably never coming, it seems that Kim Jong-un may be right, at least according to numerous cybersecurity experts and hackers who have come forward to not only point out the flaws in the FBI's investigation, but also possibly reveal the identity of the culprit.

    Read more: North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts | Daily Mail Online
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    Some of these so called security experts know nothing about security.

    Foreign involvement with or without insider assistance are not mutually exclusive.
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    In other words., this Yahoo, just says the evidence that NK did it, isn't Solid, it is very Iffy.... And it could have been any number of outfits, or unknown people... Well, Duh... And he admits that he doesn't have CLUE ONE, about the Classified Info that the FBI USED to make their determination.... again, Duh... Sounds like a Big Mouth, blowing Wind, just because he can....
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    Who profits?
    Not NK,

    Playstation network being down for 2 days so far has made many kids cry....
    Surely there will be the "Protecting Childrens Freedom To Game Online" BIll/Executive Order that will be 25 pages, 1 of which will be aboot online games and the other 24 on how to expand police powers online.
    What's funny is that some American fools ran out to pay to see "The Interview" seeing it as a "civic duty".

    Problem. OMGHAX!
    Solution. Give Sony $, give Gov more power.
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    Morgan Wright, a security expert said on air that North Korea was almost definitely involved in the original Sony attacks.

    We should add that almost no one is saying the Xbox and Playstation network attacks had anything to do with NK, that was a different group!
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    And we should care, WHY?
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    We dont care about their insults. We should care about their actions, their intentions and their capabilities.
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    I thought it was funny how they said Obama was like a monkey running through the jungle. Not very mature but funny. I probably should have more respect for our leader and be offended but I just can't work up to that.
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    Basically a few dick weeds playing on a computer are going to start a nuclear war... nice
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    I saw that movie, it was called war games. Funny we are supposed to be real smart but many believe what they see on a screen or what the data tells them.
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