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    It's a little hard to comment on something that has not happened yet (i.e., NK testing another nuke).

    I think in the end, China will intervene. China needs the USA more than it needs NK.
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    Looks like we are goading Fat Boy Un, so that maybe he does launch a nuke and give us the favor in world opinion to take him out.
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    I was stationed in the RoK in 1976/77. Every Spring before and damn near every Spring after - the US and RoK forces would stage an exercise to ensure that the collation had the max # of troops on the ball in case the Norks got stupid. No big, but still, happens every Spring.

    The next Nuke test will likely be on Grandpa's (Kim Il-sung) Birthday - 15 April. Meh - another boom underground. We already know they have nukes, its just who they might sell/give a couple to that has me worried. Iran with nukes will be a nightmare for everyone....

    Otherwise - SOS,DD
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    I think fat boy will not get taken out.... without having hit someone hard. I call this current bout of activity as just saber rattling as usual. The Don is flexing muscle... he is negotiating..... with the the power of the U.S. military in his tool-box.
    My guess is, NK will some day either nuke Japan, South Korea, or the West coast. When he does that, we will have the opportunity to "liberate" NK. Until then, we are just playing a game of chicken... and hitting them pre-emptively is not in our national interest at the moment. I hear that NK is our problem, but it is just as much China's issue. They need NK to be a foil and keep us pre-occupied, but if we get too trigger twitchy, that does not benefit China... at least right now. The last thing China wants is to have our military occupying any border of their nation... and that is exactly what we would do for the next 50 years if we have the opportunity.

    With all of that said.... China's actions are the wild card. :cautious:
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    Gunboat diplomacy, 21st century style.
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    The thing that concerns me and likely others if this thing starts where, when and how does it stop.

    After they rain down scuds with anthrax and or sarin south of the 38th parallel.

    After they sail a nuke into Long beach harbor on a freighter in a lead lined shipping container.

    Sure we can nuke NK back into as they say the stone age but does it end there with China & Russia on the sidelines?

    They have found four but there are more.

    Korean Demilitarized Zone - Wikipedia

    First tunnel
    The first of the tunnels was discovered on 20 November 1974, by a South Korean Army patrol, noticing steam rising from the ground. The initial discovery was met with automatic fire from North Korean soldiers. Five days later, during a subsequent exploration of this tunnel, US Navy Commander Robert M. Ballinger and ROK Marine Corps Major Kim Hah Chul were killed in the tunnel by a North Korean explosive device. The blast also wounded five Americans and one South Korean from the United Nations Command.

    The tunnel, which was about 0.9 by 1.2 m (3 by 4 ft), extended more than 1 km (0.62 mi) beyond the MDL into South Korea. The tunnel was reinforced with concrete slabs and had electric power and lighting. There were weapon storage and sleeping areas. A narrow gauge railway with carts had also been installed. Estimates based on the tunnel's size suggest it would have allowed approximately 20,000 soldiers to pass through it per hour.[25]

    Second tunnel
    The second tunnel was discovered on 19 March 1975. It is of similar length to the first tunnel. It is located between 50 and 160 m (160 and 520 ft) below ground, but is larger than the first, approximately 2 by 2 m (7 by 7 feet).

    Third tunnel
    Main article: Third Tunnel of Aggression
    The third tunnel was discovered on 17 October 1978. Unlike the previous two, the third tunnel was discovered following a tip from a North Korean defector. This tunnel is about 1,600 m (5,200 ft) long and about 73 m (240 ft) below ground.[26] Foreign visitors touring the South Korean DMZ may view inside this tunnel using a sloped access shaft.

    Fourth tunnel
    A fourth tunnel was discovered on 3 March 1990, north of Haean town in the former Punchbowl battlefield. The tunnel's dimensions are 2 by 2 m (7 by 7 feet), and it is 145 metres (476 ft) deep. The method of construction is almost identical in structure to the second and the third tunnels.[27]

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  7. DKR

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    Now the "news" is reporting that 'the White House' is prepared to attack North Korea if 'preparation for a nuke test' are discovered.


    What the hell happened to the business man that I voted for? Guy now sounds worse than Mad Man McCain - the dinosaur from Hell.
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    Posturing most likely.......
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    I think those Intel briefings can change a man.
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    Just send L'il Kimmy about 30 truckloads of doughnuts and Twinkies.
    Let obesity and diabetes do the rest.
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  14. 3M-TA3

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    The concentric circles below represent 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, and 6,000 miles from Pyongyang.

    From what I have read North Korea has likely achieved a 2,500 mile ICBM and is nearing a 5,000 mile ICBM which would make Alaska and Hawaii Vulnerable and potentially Seattle. Another 1,000 miles gives a swath from LA to the Great Lakes, and finally 7,000 miles (not shown) makes some parts of Texas and Florida safe.

    These guys are close to being able to deliver and also close to have multiples of the nuclear bombs they currently have. North Korea needs to be taken as seriously as it's leader is unstable. These guys have been at war since 1950. I don't think any of the photos showing their supposed incompetence reflect their military capabilities.

    If sheite goes down Northwest Monkys near Anchorage, Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Portland, and Boise are closest. Even landing dirty bombs near Vancouver BC could have a serious impact on Seattle (not to forget about @Mindgrinder and @Cruisin Sloth.

    Here is a nifty website to simulate nuclear strike damage. I understand that so far North Korea's largest blast was estimates at 40 Kilotons.

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  16. ghrit

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    Interesting timing, but the US-SK joint military exercises will carry thru the end of the month. I sorta think Pence's visit is unrelated, but no doubt there will be some discussions. Look for NK to make a big deal out of it, tho'.

    P.S. Does anyone doubt that one of our subs can recover one of NK's missiles that dropped into the Sea of Japan?
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    North Korea will miss Alaska and the lower 48 and hit canada. Canada will apologize.
    If it doesn't explode on the launch pad.
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  18. chimo

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    madness is timeless
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    Juneau is inside their range... but what would be the point of trying to destroy Juneau? We are 45 miles west of there, HOWEVER, THERE ARE TWO 3500' Mountain Ranges between here and there, and I live inside a mile wide Fjord, with 3500' Mountain Ranges on both sides, so even it they hit Juneau, we would be fine... If they decided to take out Los Anchorage, it would just be 50,000 less DemonCrats in our State.... Oh, Yea, we would lose @DKR .... And that would be a Big Loss...
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    Just for fun I ran their largest estimated nuke in the most densely populated part of Portland and we would lose almost 100,000 Democrats, so this may not be so bad after all:

    EDIT: You all do realize I'm just kidding, right? A nuke right there would destroy the salmon and steelhead runs up the the entire Willamette drainage system including where I fish.
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