NorthEast PA, new to the site, but a vet in the industry.

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  1. Hello all, I have been doing this for a minute or two, but I know that there is always a lot to learn and networks to build.
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    Welcome 12star. Sounds like you have a valuable trade. I am sure we will pick your brain because I think you are the first vet on here.

    Or are you a veteran not a veterinarian? Now I am Thursday morning confused! LOL!
  3. I love Thursdays!!! I am not a veterinarian, though I did consider that at one point in my life. I am a Combat Veteran, and currently work in the Law Enforcement Community. I do have some great skills that you can still pick my brain for though ; ). I will probably become a vendor here once I get a little more comfortable with the site. I do not want to get into details about my business though due to the no spam and no advertising rules.

    Happy Thursday!!
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree, @12StarSurvival We have some fellow Travelers, hang'en around the branches... Pick yourself one out and have a look around... I think you will like our community....
  5. Climbing trees has always been a passion!
  6. Sapper John

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    Welcome to the Monkey tree 12StarSurvival!
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