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    As many of you know I just finished putting myself through Hospital Hell and Family Leave Act for more than two months... I lost all the toes on my right foot, and have a prosthetic that replaces my missing toes that is custom fit in my work boot... It was touch and go in the hospital for a couple of days, due to Septic Infection... Today was my first day, back on the job, an tonite I am feeling my 70 Years, all over... It is also the first day that I wore my new right boot... 8Am, I am out of the White Cabin (Cannery Cabin) and headed down to my office to see what needs fixing... Timekeeper says two of here time clocks are not reporting on the network.... I am figuring broken ethernet cable... Put my Cable Tester on the cable, and it show all 4 Pairs, shorted out... Hmmm... So went to where I thought the other end was plugged into a Switch... It is in a Locked Box... Asked Boss for the key... It took him 30 minutes to find it, and unlock the box... Got the box open, and there are two switches inside, but only one is powered up, and there is a power cord hanging outside the box and not plugged in... The outlet only has two outlets. One powering the active switch, and the other one has a small refrigerator plugged into it... Hmmm, that wasn’t here before??? Unplugged the refer, and plugged in the other switch... Whiz Bang, lights start flashing and data starts flowing... Magic.. It is now 11:30Am... and I have now walked farther than I have in two and a half months... The timekeeper is pleased, the Boss is pleased, and I am tired... Went home and had lunch.. Two kilbossas, nuked in the microwave, with ketchup, and relaxed till 1Pm... Went out to the dock, and worked on the automatic Fish weighing system.. The Dock Boss has been having trouble keeping it running most of the summer, and it is a NEW SYSTEM... Blew a load-cell a month ago, then one of the Air solenoids fried..., and was replaced... the five days ago it just refused to work at all... Called up the supplier, and chatted for a while, The Air solenoids were from the original system that was installed 40 years ago... and the supplier didn’t upgrade them when he put in the new Scale system... So it is customer’s problem... Dock Boss had changed the Dump Solenoids two days before the total failure, but used JB-Weld to mount it to the Valve-Body, because he lost one of the screws... Turns out the Valve-Body has all the solenoid wiring running thru it, so one can stack up multiple Air Valves on a single Air System... Fortunately, the Air stuff is Off the Shelf from Grainger.. So, in a week we will get a replacement Body and Solenoid, and see if that fixes the issues, if yes, cool, if no, order two more and replace all the Air stuff completely... It is now 3Pm, and I am on overtime, as I am only supposed be working 5 Hours a day... Head home and AlaskaChick has come down the Mountain to do laundry in the White cabin... I relax until the dinner bell, and take her to supper, and after her laundry is done, back up the Mountain she goes... and I am dead tired...
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    God bless you and a speedy recovery BT......
    Life in the outback gives us a great sense of what may come post SHTF,
    Lessons learned for sure... if thing happen local, what are your resources.... medically specifically!!!
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    We learn to accept that anything passed First Responder medical, will take a minimum of three hours to the Hospital... If you need it sooner than that you DIE... I have AlaskaChick, and the Cannery Nurse, for local,... I just need to build up my stamina... I am mostly Just “ To pooped to pop” tonight... Will work on that tomorrow, and until they leave in a month...
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    I can only guess I may know a little about what you were talking about , of course I was able to piece together some of it and get a decent idea of your situation . Sounds like your people are going to be hi and dry , if you decide to retire . Take care of yourself , don't push it , you've got to heal up .
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  5. BTPost

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    I am the closest thing to an Electrical Engineer that they have had around here for the last 40 years, except for Contractors, who are hired to do specific Jobs... On call, but usually not real busy... I have a month to get my three Fs (Food, Filters and I can’t recall the third at the moment) in, and put away for the winter... The last barge arrives the second week in September... If it isn’t on that barge, or already here, it ain’t going to be here, till spring...
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  6. Meat

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    I know a guy that can build power lines if the need arises. :whistle:
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  7. Dont

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    Happy to see you are up and about again BT..
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    Good going Bruce. Stick on there.
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    Just keep Rockin it baby you got this
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    Good to hear you are up and running. Takes time to get back in shape so don't push it.
    2015 I had my last heart attack and thanks to good friends doing my work I had the chance to recover.
    Received and unloaded 40 round bales in the last two days.
    The last 20 bales or on the lay down pad and will need to move and stack them in the hay yard this AM. It's just work and it'll be there when I can finish.

    EDIT 0930> All hay in the hay yard and locked. Cows assured they would take care of the key!

    Good to be alive.

    Take care.
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    Glad to hear you are back at it, see an almost total failure in common sense in most people under 40 and it seems like the more education they have, the less common sense. Most PhD in computer science can't change the cord on a drill. Thank God as it still helps keep some money coming in at 81. Hope that you have all your medical issues under control. I know from experience how badly a small medical issue can mess up your life. Hate to say it, but in my life many of the things that I used to just do have now have the added phrase, God willing when asked.
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  12. 3M-TA3

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    Glad to hear you are back to takin names and kickin azz! I know people much younger than you who would let that foot issue retire them or at the minimum be proudly handicapped, but then again I live in Portland with the flattest of the flatlanders.
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    It's always amazing that the body that felt so good, so strong after we have been on months of recuperating rest suddenly turns to mush on our first day back at work. Push it but just not too far yet
    Thinking of you
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  14. Gator 45/70

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    Hang tough BT,You got this !!!

    And you can probably still out dance a lineman !
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  15. oldman11

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    You are living the life we all want,enjoy.
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  16. TnAndy

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    Dang old guys need to take better care of yourselves ! .....I say as I limp around on my bad knee/hip/ something or rather :D Good to hear you're up to doing 1/2day of work.....that's about all I'm good for myself anymore.
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    I messed up on the above post. I wonder what led to the septic infection? Seems to be something I hear more about.
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    Saying prayers for you Bruce!
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  19. BTPost

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    I am a Diabetic, and I had a congenital defective Artery in my right knee, that caused a blood flow issue, to my right foot, AND I broke both bones in my lower right leg, 35 years ago... When they fixed the broken bones, they did not know how to reconnect the nerves below my right ankle, then.. So I have had no feeling in my right foot for 35 years... Consequently I didn’t know I had a sore on my small toe on that foot... the sore got infected, and that went unchecked, and went “Septic” Up my right lower leg...
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  20. Capt. Tyree

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    BT, I'm glad to hear your situation is on an upward recovery trajectory. Having been through an injury that required immobilization followed by physical therapy myself, I know that the body (or affected area) gets weaker, and loses range of motion during the immobile time, but slowly regains flexibility and range of motion through sometimes painful therapy, or self-learned exercise.

    The muscle tone is usually atrophied, so that is where the true battle to regain "lost territory" will be fought---lost strength and the stamina to go with it. My best wishes to you in your battle to get that energy, strength, and range of motion back to your required standards! But don't overdo it on the road to recovery. Gaining back lost territory with one's physical recovery can be a path of valleys and peaks.
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