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    First off, I have well over 1000 cookbooks. I buy them at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores. Many get skimmed once and shelved or discarded as obtained as unworthy of further use by me. Yes I am a bit of a foodie and a recipe snob. I fully confess those sins. Recipe books that I keep and return to time and time again have multiple recipes that not only look really good as you read them but turn out pretty darn good when you fix them as well. Some books I keep have only one or two really outstanding recipes, but that is enough of a reason not to discard them. Yes, I know I am long winded! It is an untreatable terminal disease I am burdened with.
    Bottom Line, I really did find an Awesome Cookbook.
    This cookbook has more recipes that jump out at me than any other cookbook I have picked up. Give me this cookbook, a couple of assistants, $10,000, a nice test kitchen, and some hungry people, and I will cook my butt off, sampling a little of this and that and feeding the hungry horde until I am totally exhausted. The book is that damn tempting.
    and ..... it is available. I did a search for you. It is the "Cooking With Class", published by The Parents' Council, Charlotte Latin Schools, Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina. originally published in 1982. My copy from the 6th printing was in 2001. At that time 45,500 copies had been published, so there is hope of obtaining a copy. You really need to look into this cookbook! 482 pages, not counting the index, and over 1200 taste tested recipes.
    If it turns out, that this cookbook just doesn't do anything for you when it comes to cooking, then ignore all I say or post about cooking or recipes in the future. I really do feel that strongly about this cookbook. bon appetit
    one final note. It appears this book is no longer be in print. I bought mine today in a thrift store for $1. At Amazon the price varies from $9 to $999. 22 copies were available in total, new and used. jus sayin ....
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