Not Everyone Should be Allowed to Vote

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    Below is the link to this article. You might want to go there, just to read the comments on this article. I posted the text of the article and the video from the article below the link.

    Not Everyone Should Be Allowed to Vote - The Last Resistance

    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge‘” – Isaac Asimov

    We hear of voter disenfranchisement frequently. Whenever voter ID laws come up, there are cries of voter suppression; when convicted felons aren’t allowed to vote—even after serving their time—voter suppression! echoes around the social sphere. We are a culture that historically has denied eligible people the right to vote. That is certainly true—no one is denying that, nor defending it. Women were denied the right to vote, blacks were denied the right to vote, and various tactics were employed that made it difficult for the poor and minorities to vote, such as poll taxes.

    All of these issues have been resolved through various means—mostly constitutional amendments. However, while we are constantly barraged by the mantra that everyone has “the right” to vote, we never stop to ask what exactly that entails.

    When everyone votes, who wins? When everyone votes, what do we gain? What do we lose? After assessing these things, I’ve come to the conclusion that not everyone should be allowed to vote. The determination I’ve made has nothing to do with race, gender, religion, or anything else that has been previously addressed. I think everyone should have the right to vote, but not everyone who has that right should be allowed to exercise it.

    A recently conducted Newseum Institute poll showed that “33% of Americans cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.” Additionally, only 57% of Americans named freedom of speech as a First Amendment right.

    An Annenberg Public Policy Center poll from 2014 found that only 36% of those surveyed could name all the branches of government. 35% couldn’t name a single one! For the record: there are only three.

    Annenberg also asked several other basic questions, one of which was “Who is currently in control of the House of Representatives?” 44% had no idea.

    Maybe Jon Gruber, a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, was right when he said of the passage of Obamacare:

    “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically…call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass.”

    It’s everywhere you look—the stupidity of the American voter. Every week, a video gets posted on YouTube in which someone asks people on the street the most basic, effortless questions about politics, and the people are dumbfounded.

    These ignorant people are allowed to have a say in deciding the leader of the free world, as well as the leaders in Congress. Does that sound like a good idea? Not to me. That’s why I believe voting rights should be a merit-based decision. Can you pass a basic civics test? Can you describe the candidates’ platforms? Can you explain how our system of government actually works?

    American voters should have to pass a test—or a series of tests—and if they can’t pass, they lose the right to vote in the following election. I’ll even be generous. Voters can take a second round if they fail the first time. They can have time to bone up on civics, current events, and candidate platforms.

    Ignorance cannot be rewarded when what’s at stake is of such great value. It’s a slap in the face of our republic to allow the radically uninformed to have a say in who leads this nation.

    And just for fun, here’s one of many, many videos featuring the depressing ignorance of the American voter:

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    Consider this; the federal government has us do a quick background check before we can purchase a firearm. Why not use the same feebs to verify citizenship before being issued a voter registration card?
    Legal aliens seeking citizenship have to pass a test about this country. my understanding is there are only 100 questions, and they get a 20 random question selection to test on, and have to get a 60% to pass. Considering what I have seen of the man on the street humor polls, this would work for me to weed out the total idiots at the voter registration office, or before each election.
    Something has to be done nationwide to ensure a fair and fraud free vote all the time.
    citizenship test questions study guide; U.S. Citizenship Test Questions
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    OMG I did not know Brad Pitt was married to Jen !!! She must be really bad in bed.

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    Are they looking for the political party? I would respond with, "criminals". They are all the same.

    Well, this is the problem. The President is not a leader, neither are those who are in CONgress. The swap from republic to a Democracy wasn't immediate, and it took time to set in, but at all times, the people were always supposed to be the leaders with elected representatives. A President or a Congress(person) is only supposed to represent the people, not lead them. The people stopped leading themselves a long time ago, and the cult of popularity carried out by corporate media with its adoration for tyranny has cemented the illusion of charismatic leadership to replace the sworn duty to serve the republic. Sure, the POTUS is a "leader" of the armed forces, but even the government is not supposed to maintain standing armies. In short, nothing is real any more, and there are more myths than facts concerning how our nation is handled.

    How about we just remove government from the equation? When it comes to education, it's our responsibility to make certain our children are properly informed -- so, why not start with the educational system? Placing restrictions on voting, or any "right" is not the way to go. Who would regulate these testing standards? Who would administer them? After all, this notion would only create more government as a result. We should test students from a young age, have proper schooling, and be mindful about who is in control of the curriculum. Less government, more freedom...that is liberty.
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    Maybe I read that incorrectly but wouldn't you be placing more governing in education? Currently the educations system is hugely political actually I think it is more political then educational. By starting it in the eduction system you would have the same questions- Who would regulate these testing standards? Who would administer them? If we started to make sure our children were properly educated then it would only create more government as a result.
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    EXCELLENT. you would indeed, increase the slide into socialism and new world order. As long as the only ones who could vote, would be those who pass the biased tests! I'll take stupid over programmed anyday! Stupidity can be cured. Programming is a bitch to fight. (Ask anybody who has ever dealt with cults, hostage rescues, or interventions.)
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    The article as originally posted above was word for word without my input. That is why I did the first follow up post. I do not agree with this article word for word. I do believe it should and could be a simple problem to fix.
    When it comes to time to vote, it is too late to try to educate the potential voters. To me that is the job of the families, the school system and the individuals themselves. If you are too ignorant to pass a 20 question civics test like the citizenship test at 60 percent then you should not be voting at all.
    Voter fraud and vetting of voter is the responsibility of the local voter registration supervisor, local and state government, and the feds should keep their ass out of it unless they have a valid case for civil rights discrimination.
    Proof of Citizenship Should be vetted for Registration to vote.
    Picture ID should be necessary to register and to vote.
    Voter Fraud should be a felony, should be vigorously investigated and prosecuted. Jail time for conviction should be mandatory and carry with it a suspension of voting rights for a minimum of 10 years for a 1st offense. Permanent suspension for a 2nd offense.
    The disenfranchisement argument against a picture ID is total bull shit. Minorities and old folks and legal aliens are carded on most everything state or federal where they are getting licensed or benefits. To not do so for voting is just plain STUPID.
    With regard to biased testing. If the Citizenship test is biased why is there no uproar over that? Every legal Alien seeking to be a US citizen is required to take and pass it at a low D grade level of 60 percent. Race, creed, color, education level, gender, religion, sexual preference, All have no input or consideration on the test.
    These idiots walking the streets who cannot name the Vice President, or the Branches of our Government, or most of these easy questions DO NOT DESERVE TO VOTE. my personal opinion!
    PS, Stupidity can be cured with death only, Ignorance can be cured if you are not stupid. Stupid is forever.
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    Then solve your problem by indirect means. Make the civics test mandatory for all. And vetted picture ID's for voting.
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    This would be a fun experiment with the libtards:

    Q: How do you feel about taking away the right to vote because of lack of intelligence/knowledge?
    Libtard: That has to be against the Declaration of Independents!
    Q: Close . . . how about the Constitution?
    Libtard: Yeah, that's what I meant.
    Q: You are correct . . . the 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments make sure that all citizens can vote. Do you think the Constitution should be adhered to regarding voting rights?
    Libtard: Yes . . . the Constant-too-shun is very important.
    Q: I'm glad we agree . . . let me tell you a little about the 2nd Amendment . . . it's my favorite, and makes sure the government doesn't try to take away any of the other 24 Amendments....

    I really detest a liberal. They live in a fantasy world. Hence delusional, hence, mental health issues.
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    I have no problem with that at all
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    There is a difference between idiots and not completing your schooling. I am sure many on here had family members or friends that never completed schooling because many kids way back were needed to work and didn't get schooling. It could come to that again- children having to work and forgo schooling.

    Who creates the test? Two weeks ago we were "educated" that the confederate flag was a symbol of racism. That was news to me and it was news to many. We are seeing a movement to rewrite or disappear history.

    I agree with this. As for charging a felon for voter fraud, jails are over crowded all ready and the poor that vote 10 times wouldn't pay their fines or do the community service.
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    That is fine, moto. Felons can't vote, so they are out of the voter pool by making it a felony.:)
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    We have a right to vote, we also have a right to bear arms. Should we be required to pass a test to own a firearm? Felons can't have guns. But should everyone have to pass a test made by officials in order to exercise their 2A?
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    Should people be required to know what they are doing? Sounds like a reasonable concept. Being as they are steering a Nation, it might help to be able to see, and know what the tiller does.
    As for who makes the test? That could be done like wikipedia, with corrections from all sides. The average would be at least close to truth.
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    DID ANYONE LOOK AT THE CITIZENSHIP QUESTIONS??? All 100 for 2015 are at the link. Many questions have multiple acceptable answers.
    Is a written motor vehicle test for a drivers license Racist or disenfranchising?
    The Citizenship test questions are pretty darn fair and neutral for all across the board.
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    My problem with these type of ridiculous ideas is... the require more laws. So what if people are ignorant or stupid in the opinion of the writer?

    I will assert that most of the people who don't know don't vote anyway.

    Civics test? Lol more tests written by over educated idiots and it puts another barrier in the way of people who are rezponsible. roflmao

    I volunteer and teach reading to adults. I'm passionate about every person should have a basic chance and without reading you don't stand a chance. Most of the people I work with are men who are good decent men who work hard for their family but feel stupid because they can't read. Because of my background I get the hard cases who think they are stupid. 99% of the time the problem isn't that they are stupid it is that they don't think the way we are taught in school. The other 1% have some form of dyslexia that can be overcome with a few simple tools.

    So forgive me if I get piss about out current education system and some ass who wants MORE TESTS! To solve a fundamental problem with voting which ...
    .. is mostly people are trying to make a living and dont understand the necessity of paying attention and voting education.

    My point in this rant is that testing doesn't give you the character of the man or the person voting.

    Our educational system is handed to us in a one size fits all box. Figuring out who the lying politicians are takes alot more work.
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    @Ganado , while I sympathize with feeling stupid about somethings, that is no excuse for pulling polling levers blindly.
    I have a learning difficulty with some math. (Unless I can see a reason to learn it, it just refuses to make sense. Once I have a real world application, it makes sense) it does not excuse me from doing math, and I still have to be right, or someone gets hurt (me):eek:.
    There are restrictions on every Right, and a Responsibility to go with it.
    I have the Right of Free Speech, but I am not free of the reaction from that free speech. (Yelling fire in a theater)
    I have the Right to bear arms, but there are places they can not go, and if I use one, I am responsible for what I do.
    I have the Right to vote, to have MY OPINION, MY CHOICE HEARD, but that implies I HAVE ONE. Pulling levers blindly means I have not done the Responsibility that accompanies that Right. (Due Diligence) if that is the case, then I am part of the problem, not the solution.
    This idea of "vote first, and we will figure it out later," is what gave us obummercare.
    Edit: all Rights end, when they start to interfere with other people's at what point, does your Right to vote interfere with my Right to representative goverment?
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    Yes I looked at it. I was hoping to take a mock test. I think you posted mock tests a while back. I passed, therefore I should be allowed to vote.
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    @kellory see our view points are different. You seem to see people as irresponsible and while there are those out there who are, I dont see most people as irresponsible. It is a question of view point.
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    Yes ma'am. I see the results of stupid everyday. Stupid people are good business, because they break things, and have NO CLUE how to fix it. I don't want to let them break my country.
    You work to fix broken people. I'll work to fix what they break. ;)
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