Not only do some people have dreams....

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by chelloveck, May 5, 2012.

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    Tree house, outhouse, mansion

    It is so important that one strives to see there dream to fullfillment.....if you have no dream(s), then your just another ant that thinks he's hit the lottery , when he finds a crumb.....don't live to find crumbs, have a purpose for using up oxygen.....and not for the purpose of show, but for the deep inner peace and satisfaction that comes from following and accomplishing something from beginning to end......just came back from my land in Colo....10,000 feet, no grid, no well....just alot of blood , tears yet. All the nay sayers will spout for hours on the fallibility of my dream......thats ok...if there talking about me, there leaving somebody else's dream alone!!!!
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    It would not last 15 minutes if he had built it on my land. squatting is no different that stealing in my opinion. i would not stand for it. he would leave. at gunpoint if necessary. nice treehouse though. id use it for hunting after i evicted the squatter.
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    "Crown Land" (what a joke).

    Nice tree house.
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    where do you poop?
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    Yeah when I saw crown land I thought, can you imagine what kind of ego do you have to have in order to send your police after someone who built a tree house in the middle of nowhere on land that you will never see and most likely never use or even step foot within a 100 miles of...

    Its things like that what get my blood boiling.
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    When I was considerably younger, I read an article about a young woman with no experience who built her own home, didn't have it built, but built it herself. It took her a couple years but she finally accomplished her goal. That became a daydream of mine, to build my own house, learn as I went along, enlist the help of brawny friends when needed, but end up with something truly my own. I had the land, designed the house, even built a model of it but the business of raising my daughter, earning a living, and taking care of family got in the way. There was never enough time to do it all and I kept saying "someday." Well, someday got pushed farther and farther away and I never started the house but I'm still thinking "someday."
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    I have been extraordinarily lucky..
    Or just hardheaded and persistent.
    I have managed to do most ( not all) that I wanted to do, when I was so much younger...
    Tis the turth, youh is certainly wasted on the young!
    Just remember: it's the miles, and not the years that'll wear you down.
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    Yeah I recently discovered that my great grand father had land patents on hundreds of acres of land in CO. I got all of the paper work done and am about one step away from completing it into my name and the chance of me moving there, building a house, and developing the land seems impossible, not because I couldn't do it but because my wife and two kids require my time and resources.

    I even had a few buddies and family offer to help me get it done but when can I do that? I don't know. Chances are, by the time I get the time to go there and do it, everyone who offered will be other wise occupied. I will be finalizing the paperwork and visiting the land this Sept.
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