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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Redneck Rebel, Jan 18, 2012.

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    NYC Police Pursuing Technology To Scan Pedestrians For Guns | Fox News

    Yeah, I'll buy that. We all know NYPD would never misuse the tools at it's disposal.
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    Business opportunity: Mylar lined jackets.
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    Ok now the courts have ruled it is against our rights for LEO to use infared to drive by a residence and look for marijuana. Alot of states a saying its against our rights on a traffic stop for me to just walk a dog around a vehicle. It is aginst a persons rights for me to just walk up and search a purse or briefcase. God knows I am for anything to help me protect my citizens and my fellow officers and saving lives. With that being said I do not agree wit this and the reason to me is it is violating the rights of the lawful to catch the unlawful. If allowed to do so it wont belong until people start to except it as a part of life. Then one step closer to the right to privacy being a thing of the past. We all know that behind the curtain it will be used on everyone I honestly cant say and I have been a L.E.O. for along time that if put in a situation to where a person gave me the impression of being a risk. I honestly can't say if I had this tool that I wouldn't use it so I know that some of these guys wanting to make a name for himself would use it like an ink pen. What happen to police work? When I started as an officer investigating a crime I hit the pavement and talked to people matched witts with the criminal. Thats what I enjoy and still today all these years later I still get the same rush as when I was a boot, when I go out and work a case and get the bad guy. Plus when you hit the streets talking to people, they feel that they are helping their police officer and they see him out there doing the job and knows he cares and is doing his best to protect them. I don't know maybe Im having trouble excepting the fact Im getting old my days have passed and my methods are obsolete.
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    Yep, the young bucks would be surprised what can be accomplished by simply pounding pavement wouldn't they Alpha. Spend some time walking the beat, getting to know folks and you'll develop the most valuable of intel in no time. It didn't take long after moving to the hood to figure out where I can acquire firepower, who sells which drugs, who grows pot, who's got the hook up on 'shine, what gang controls what area and which ones will keep my white ass safe so long as I stay within the right turf boundaries.
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    NYPD Pre-Crime Division: We will arrest you for a future crime you have not yet committed. We serve by protecting others against any potential crime.
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