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  1. gunbunny

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    But for the sheer fun of putting big holes through heavy things!

    About the .460 Rowland Cartridge | .460 Rowland

    I remember carousing the pages of Brownells' catalog about fifteen years ago, and seeing the .460 Rowland conversion available for a 1911. I had a couple of 1911's at the time, but they weren't of the manufacturers on the recommended list. The frames were not hardened, and would eventually fail with this round.

    I sold my 1911's a few years ago and went with a Glock21, never looking back (well, maybe for a Sig 1911). I just came across the website for the .460 Rowland, and they have kits for the Glock21.

    Can you imagine .44 Magnum power with a standard magazine capacity of 12 rounds?


    Maybe after I'm out of college I can afford to get a kit and a bag of empty casings.

    I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a subsonic round with a 300gr bullet: Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Bullets :: Handgun :: Choose by Caliber :: .452 45 CAL :: 45 Cal .452 300 gr XTP® Mag
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    If the wife didn't like her G21 so much I would be all over this. Guess I will have to stay with my G20.
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    According to the grapevine (to be released during the 2014 SHOT show) the new Glock 41 is going to be a long slide version of the G21. If that's true, then I WANT. I'll wait for the new longslide .45 and ask Mr Rowland if he'll make an extended, ported barrel for it. 6" Glock 41 in .460 Rowland... Oh yes...
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    That G-21 kit has a 26 round mag. wow.
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    With one of those magazines attached, they should just call it "The Magnum Machine"
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  6. Dont

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    This has got me to thinking about an upgrade for my 1911...
  7. Mountainman

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    If that comes out I will be getting one!
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