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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CRC, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. CRC

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    Does anyone else read this besides me?

    The daily Police Officer Down site....

    There has been 121 Line of Duty Deaths in 2005!

    I read this every day....Feel like writing and saying Thank you for doing a thankless job some days...and when people write in blasting our officers...I just ...well..It's not nice what I want to go do to them.......

    Sail On..... :(
  2. Seawolf1090

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    Thanks for the heads-up on that site! A couple years back, one of our local Officers was gunned down by a low-life, when he responded to a domestic disturbance. He was a high-school buddy of mine, and he left his wife and two small kids. He was one of the best!
    There are a few who wear a tarnished badge, but so very many more doing a tough thankless job, protecting the public.
    My hat's off to all the boys and girls in blue!! 8)
  3. CRC

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    Seawolf? He might be on that site....You can go back..I did to find my best friends brother..and he was killed by another officer who was drunk..over a bag of freaking Dorito's.....

    I am not going to go there today....Nope..not today......
  4. monkeyman

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    There truely are both good officers and then those who wear a badge that I wont mention the terms to fit them. I have lived in areas where there was a mix but mostly good officers then had the displeasure of a few years in an area where the things wearing badges were a lower form of scum than the other criminals and now am fortunate enouph to be in an area where I have not encountered any wearing a badge that were less than fine and honorable officers who are truely there to serve and protect.
    I mention this just to kind of point out that those blasting cops may have very good basis from those they encounter in thier own areas. I have seen some wearing a badge set back in thier cruiser less than a block from a call takeing radar when a person was being victimized and also have watched them refuse to arrest paroleys for kicking in a mans door to drag him out of his house and beat him while threatening to take the victim to jail but refuseing to give him a ride off the block. On the other hand I have seen fine officers who would go above and beyond to help folks out or to settle a problem as mediators. So it is true that folks cant be judged by appearance, even if the appearance includes a badge.
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