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    really a joke. But this site is hilarious!

    AND you can write your own submission and it automatically adds it...It's the "uncyclopedia"

    Anyone wanna have some fun????

    For some info what "Guns" really are....

    And the never ending debate about Pirates and Ninja's...(This cracked me up!) [lolol]

    <CODE>“Ninjas ARE better at killing people, but pirates are better people persons”</CODE>
    <DL><DD><CODE>~ Oscar Wilde on Pirates versus Ninjas</CODE> </DD></DL><CODE>“For centuries my people have fought over whether Pirates or Ninjas are better, hence the great Pirate vs Ninja war of 1337AD”</CODE>

    <DL><DD><CODE>~ Cyborg President on Pirate-Ninja War</CODE> </DD></DL>
    And THIS one, I'm proud to say...a friend of mine added....[beer] [lolol]

    c'mon...We've got some pretty creative folks here....
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    ~maniacal laugh~
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