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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CRC, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. CRC

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    And I really pondered about posting it...

    I labored over the subject line of this post. Mainly because I am trying to not be too judgmental, just wanted people to see this article. Please notice the author's byline.
  2. ghrit

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    I applaud the author. Guys like him and Dr.William Cosby earn my respect for telling it as it really is, not the Jesse Jackson method of pandering. The awful part is that the scum of NO can't even read and recognize wisdom when it is rubbed into their faces. Jesse the Jerk reminds me of the mullahs that take advantage of ignorance to preach hatred. Birds of a feather, says me.
  3. CRC

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    I really liked it too..the author is not going to be popular in the black community...but somehow I don't think he cares about that..I'll have to look him up and see what else he has written...

    I remember a very old Richard Pryor performance....I think it may have been "Live on Sunset Strip"??
    He said......"We perpetuate our own wretchedness...NO ONE does it to us!"

    I've never forgotten that.....
  4. melbo

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    Can you imagine if a white journalist/blogger had written the same thing?
  5. CRC

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    If a white journalist wrote that...the ACLU and the NAACP and everyone other orginization in the world would be tarring and feathering him as we type.... :rolleyes:
  6. monkeyman

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    Thats what I find the most amuseing about it, it will be far more difficult to discredit the facts by calling the author a racist. Isnt it interesting how if things are stated against a group of white males then if 'activism' and such but if you make similar statements about a group of minorities for similar actions then its racism. I do feel sorry for any white guy though who takes his advice and starts telling all the black folks to get off welfare and start takeing responsibility for themselves, if any do they will be lucky if they avoid being jailed and are only determined to be unemployable due to thier 'racist' ideas that most any company would be afraid would get them sued for employing the guy.
  7. Valkman

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    Yesiree Bob, it is the welfare state, created by liberals, that has caused people to have no ambition what so ever. I've seen lots of arguments about training and educating these people, but the problem is many are right where they want to be. I saw one woman who had gotten to the Astrodome and been given a cot and food and water. The smile on her face said it all - as long as she had her "free stuff" she was in Heaven. It was sickening.

    I applaud that writer for telling it like it is - white or black facts are facts.
  8. sniper-66

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    Wow! That left me speechless! I didn't know it was possible to say that kind of thing in the public domain. The sorry thing is that he will be discredited by his own or worse yet, it will be spun that a white guy wrote it and is using a black man's picture to cover it up. Kinda like the muslims refusing to acknowledge that muslims can cut a mans head off or swing burnt bodies from a bridge~
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