Nothing to Fear But the Fearful Themselves

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    "Paris and San Bernardino taught me that my family is trapped amid a herd, completely surrounded by cattle-minded millions who can be spooked into large-scale stampedes with small-scale crimes. And there is literally no way out, because virtually the entire world is afflicted with one form of collectivist statism or another. Therefore, the only way to prevent my loved ones from being trampled is by helping as many people as I can to break the spell of terror that turns civilized men and women into rampaging beasts.

    That is why I am writing this essay: to implore you, the reader, to snap out of that spell if you have not already, and to help others do the same. Stop swallowing the overblown scaremongering of the government and its corporate media cronies. Stop letting them use hysteria over small menaces to drive you into the arms of tyranny, which is the greatest menace of all. Overthrow the reign of terror the State has installed over your mind. Else the days ahead may be terrible indeed.

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    You do have a point Chimo. Look at what happened after 9/11. We got yet another bloated, incompetent federal bureaucracy known as the DHS. Any added security as a result of it's creation is pure illusion. Airport security could have been improved without DHS.

    I really don't think Trump's proposed "ban" on Muslim immigration is workable. How does one even know the faith or religion of a person attempting to enter the US? If asked, they can simply lie and dress like a regular American Joe Schmoe. Trump knows that. If you're going to try to stop immigration of suspected terrorists, you have to do it by country. For instance, travel restrictions from Syria, Iran, etc.

    But even that is hit or miss from a security standpoint. One central American country just caught 5 Syrians using fake passports. You can be pretty sure they were headed right for our Swiss cheese southern border. And it will be attempted again if others haven't already succeeded.

    The really big problem is, every time something like San Bernardino happens, we get heightened screeches from the left to advance the ever tightening noose of gun control. The ramifications of that are far worse than anything Trump has so far proposed. If successful, disarmed Americans will only make things more favorable for the next batch of jihadists. Instead of 14, it'll be 130 like Paris.

    Even more worrisome is the prospect of one's own government. Virtually every genocide during the 20th century, committed by the likes of Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and Mao were all preceded by gun control.
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    Our laws, gun and otherwise, are rapidly going from why we do things to how we control things. We take ideologies and make them into laws and forget about the rights of others. Black live matter believes that they have a God given right to rob small stores, walk down the center of the highway while stoned out of your mind and carrying a knife, walk around a neighborhood in the middle of the night, etc, and not face the consequences. Their solution, changing the laws to make the behavior legal, and not conforming to laws and morality of society in general. Income redistribution, gay rights, resettlement programs, gun control, cultural diversity, saving the planet, etc, are all beliefs and forcing the rest of us to conform to your beliefs by using the "laws" may well have both short and long term effects well beyond the expected outcome. I have read that the expected reactions by the police is happening in many of the black areas, do nothing and never go into the area without fellow officers and means of documenting your actions. Thus going from the community policing model in which the police are known and part of the community and prevent crime, to a model in which the community is without law and the police document the crimes that have occurred and go through the motions of solving them. Welcome to the new America.
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    F.E.A.R. is an acronym that stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real".... not that many really understand this...
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    Fear is imaginary, except for the kind that keeps you from stepping in front of a moving car
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    That is not "Fear". That is just "Common Sense"......
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    true but fear makes you move
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