November 5th- million mask march

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by GhostX, Oct 29, 2016.

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    Unfortunately what is the alternative to capitalism that people want? True anarchy isn't a good thing either because unfortunately people are NOT all good by nature. Our founding fathers had it right. We just have to get back to that...
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    And therein rests the problem. Some claim that anarchy is the vehicle, the method to take us back to the point where we can once again establish a republic with a limited government (minarchy). Ultimately, the philosophy shouldn't even matter at this point. Right now, we need action. Unfortunately, we have been divided and deluded for such a long time, it's an immense battle just getting started with anything.
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    The French solved their problems back around 16 October 1793.....

    I hope we are able to effect change in our system without those extremes being necessary.
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    If our federal government isn't able to operate as it should... If the people no longer have a voice... If the roots of corruption extend deeper and infect more of the system than can be repaired... what is the alternative?
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    I hear you, but I still hold out hope for the system to correct itself. The alternative is messy...
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    Perhaps some Committee of Public Safety might emerge, to protect the revolution from reactionary interference.....roll on the tumbrils! Hated Monarchs, aristocrats and clergy weren't the only ones filling baskets under the guillotine...the French Revolution devoured many revolutionaries also.

    Reign of Terror - Wikipedia
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    Yup! Messy....
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    How do you believe it will correct itself exactly? With Trump? You realize he has mostly bullshit backing up most of his promises right? He doesn't have much of a plan for a lot of the things he has proposed to do. But I do agree, he is our last best hope for establishing order to our government but I feel like getting him in office will be similar to a mentally challenged person giving us sleeping gas as we are prepared for heart surgery. His face might be the last face America see's before she wakes up dead. The roots of corruption may go deep but we make up the body. In a collective effort, we the people can rip out the cancer that's killing us ourselves before it's too late.

    I agree that chaos and anarchy is not the answer. If something is going to be broken, it's important to know how to put it back together again. But a change must be made. A new order must be established to cancel out the old one that allows the rich to rule over the poor as if they were God. The slate needs to be wiped clean. The clock needs to be stopped and reset. I believe that a revolution is required to take our country back and place it back in the hands of the people.

    Now can Trump do all that? I think his priorities might be a little off honestly. I feel like he will get distracted by things that don't matter. The America he is set to lead is going to require a massive circus act to maintain ballance; like a plate spinner trying to spin more plates than he has hands or sticks to spin them on. From what I've seen of him, I don't believe we have found such a plate spinner... and that's only IF he gets elected.
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    That would be one of the "something" that Brokor mentioned. But they were doing something. Brokor's point was getting enough people off the couch and actively doing something...ANYTHING, is damned near impossible.

    As a society, we love us our bread and circuses. And lord knows it's easier to armchair quarterback than it is to take action.

    We have voted. Nothing changed.
    We have protested. Nothing changed.
    We have sued for redress. Nothing changed.
    We have condemned in the strongest terms possible (whatever the F**K that means). Nothing changed.
    We have yet to revolt violently but history is replete with failed revolutions because not enough people were on board. And it's getting to the point that if we don't, we never will, and nothing will change.

    As a society, we talk a lot. We use up TONS of oxygen cussing and discussing. We yell at each other or whine about it in our echo chambers but we don't physically do anything that matters, generally. And when a very small group finally does do something, they aren't enough, they get arrested and or killed and are made examples of to cow the population.

    "See what happens when you don't obey, SLAVE? See what we are capable of, what we are willing to do, ON CAMERA, for the world to see? Do you see that you have no chance?"

    And the vast, vast majority of people slump their shoulders and shuffle back to their whatever, and...nothing changes.

    Trump, if he wins, will not save this country. Sorry, he won't, because he can't. Obama has done more damage in less than 8 years (although how he hasn't done MORE damage when he had 4 years with a democrat congress is beyond me) than any other President because he was allowed to. Allowed to by us, allowed to by his puppet masters, allowed to by the money and the power that actually make things happen. He was permitted to do all that he's done and we, as a general population, are complicit in what was done, and have been for decades. If he wins, he will maybe postpone what has begun, unless he's removed.

    Hillary, if she wins, will likely finish things off. There won't even be lip service paid to the Constitution, whichever one is on display, because it will be open warfare on even the thin veneer of freedom we have.

    Taxes will go up.
    Inflation will go up.
    Cost of living will go up.
    Wages will stagnate.
    Companies will leave in DROVES to escape the taxes (and it will be short lived wherever they land).
    "Freedoms" will be regulated out of existence.
    The Constitution will be openly removed as the supreme law of the land.
    We will take the last few steps OUT of our supposed Representative Republic and into whatever form of dictatorship is most desirable to the puppet masters.
    There will be revolts. They will be bloody. They will cost many, many tens of thousands of lives.

    If enough people with enough willingness to "water the tree of liberty" are involved, maybe this country can pull itself back from that precipice but it will NOT be easy, it will NOT be cheap and it will NOT happen on its own. And even if there are enough people, this country cannot stand as an island unto itself anymore. Not and keep the same standard of living that we as a country have become accustom to. And that is when we will be most vulnerable. That is when, if they decide the time is right, the rest of the world will descend on this country like zombies from the walking dead do on the fallen. All teeth and nails with less than no regard for what we were or what we were trying to become again.

    Morbid? Yeah.
    Dark? Hell yeah.
    True? Yes, yes it is. Not what we want to hear but that doesn't make it less so.
    Avoidable? No, and it hasn't been for decades. We've been on this path since Roosevelt at least.
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    Don't say another word. We do NOT want to know anything more about what you have in mind, and you do NOT want anyone else to know, either.
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    @DarkLight Very well said, sir.

    Let me play devil's advocate a moment in favor of those poor French Revolutionaries of long ago... Did they not admission justice swiftly, painlessly, and, as eloquently pointed out, without bias to monarchs, aristocrats, clergy and revolutionaries alike? Was not their penalty inexpensive to the tax payer? Was the solution not complete and permanent? And lastly, is all this not worth a bit of mess? I say, LET THE GUILLOTINE FALL! ...except, not on me. I like me old turnip. :) :)

    PS. You got to admit, it would make a great rallying cry! LOL!!!
    PS.PS. Let's get the election over with first before we do anything including running around with masks on trying to figure out what to do next.
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    @GhostX - Your call. I edited it and then changed my mind and deleted it.

    Just, please be careful.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2016
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    @Bandit99 - No disagreement whatsoever. My point, and Brokor's point (I think) was that getting people to DO that unenviable task. The inertia of the couch potato is frankly, astonishing. Cheap, effective, no respecter of class, fairly efficient (needs to be sharpened occasionally), but all in all certainly gets the job done. Ruthlessly efficient even.
  15. DarkLight

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    @GhostX - I don't think anyone wants you to take it down. More like be careful what you say. Nothing was said in the quotes that goes over the line and I don't think anything in your post did either. But you were getting close and...okay, sometimes you gotta live on the edge but just don't invite undesired attention, that's all.
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    Your right and I'm not looking to cause trouble. I don't mean to bring that stuff to y'alls site, it can just be difficult to find others who have the slightest clue though...

    I have been pretty angry for a long time. I suppose it's beginning to get the better of me and the stuff going on right now has been really bringing it out... but it might be necessary to some degree or another.

    Anyway, I'll try to watch what I say. Thank you all for your feedback.
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    It's all good. Generally I would say you are among friends and those with a similar political, moral, ethical and civic bent. And please don't think that you are alone, because I'm sure you aren't. Loose lips sink ships and all that. Why else do you think our governmental overseers try to infiltrate gangs, militias, web sites and yes, even protest march groups?

    Intel is intel is intel.
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    Way to go "patriot act"! Hard at work destroying the 1st amendment.
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    @GhostX I think we all feel your pain. In truth, EVERY person I even make conversation with feels the same way about the government and Queen Hillary and they all say the same thing, "Something is going to happen". But, Snowden told us so we all need to be prudent to what we say especially what we put in print. For example, look at Queen Hillary. LOL! But, heh, only 19% of Americans trust their own government...but that was in 2015...I wonder how many do now after the events of the past year or so?
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    I have to say, it's relatively immaterial to the site what you say or talk about. We take OPSEC very seriously and, in the past, have had to point out the need for care to folks that are not too careful about exposing their planning. Telling the world what you have in mind is a sure way to tip off someone who cares. Anyone that wishes to do harm to anyone else or himself, then tells the world about it will run afoul of something, including the CoC here.
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