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    Surely this'll get you going..comments??

    Visions of the firearm to bug out with were probably formed years ago when you viewed a now defunct slick paper mass circulation magazine. A manly man graced the cover, cleft chin jutting out, muscles rippling, tanned skin gleaming, a full head of hair perfectly groomed, clutching a full size battle rifle with ease, the end of civilization a mere adventure to him. In reality, a stooped sweaty fat guy with no hair, laboring for breath as he stumbles along wishing he had another pack of Camels drags a shotgun by the barrel with its stock trailing in the dirt, the backpack filled with all the tools necessary to sustain civilization now long abandoned for its weight, cursing the very Gods that rained this hell down on him.
    For most of us, the weapon to carry when escaping can’t be the one that works the best. And here I am speaking of the ultimate BOB bag. The one that you use to escape JBT’s that want to resettle you in a camp. The one you escape the burning cities with ( with no where else to go ). The one that you use to escape your homestead when raiders burn you out. In short, this is the bag you use to escape with no where to go and no supplies when you get there. Just escaping a natural disaster for a week or going from your city where you work to your retreat are a different matter. You are a short distance from resupply. But in the ultimate worse case scenario, the only viable choice is a rimfire revolver. It is cheap, usually under $100 for a used one. It is light weight. You can carry several hundred rounds without effort. The ammunition is cheap. They are slow to reload which might help damping your spray and pray tendencies.
    You can’t afford to have several different BOB bags stashed in strategic places holding expensive guns. You won’t be inclined to bury an expensive one. A revolver can be stashed loaded for long periods whereas a semi can’t. A pistol can be hidden on your person, just in case. A rifle can’t. You can’t carry enough ammo for long term use unless it is rimfire. It is far from perfect. You can’t kill large game ( or at least not normally ). The range is short and the take down power is marginal. But it is not for normal post-Apocalypse living. It is for worse case, living mobile and hiding, post-Apocalypse living. Thank you, loyal minion, for the idea.
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    My only comment would be avoiding confrontation perhaps a.45 handgun and a ,.22rifle,.You'll be shooting the.22 alot at squirrels,marsh rats and tweety birds for the pie ( hence lots of ammo_) the.45 used less so, but when needed its up close and very personal..
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    Yup, pretty much my plan is a 9mm on my hip and a tad torn (while still leaning toward the 10/22) between a 10/22 with folding stock and 16.25" barrel for shooting food of opprotunity (plan to trap a lot of the meat while I sleep) and keeping heads down while I run OR a 9mm carbine. On the up side could share ammo with the handgun, take bigger game more surely, and be able to be used more effectively if had to for deffense. On the down side, it uses the same ammo as the handgun so if cant find 9mm ammo and need to resupply then just screwed. While lighter and more compact than most rifle rounds still heavier and bulkier than .22 ammo. Harder to get the high cap mags than for a 10/22.
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