now i wonder how long it will be

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by marlas1too, Dec 15, 2012.

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    after this very heinous killing of children I wonder how long it will be before comrade clinton and obozo run to their UN masters and sign the gun ban and how long it will be before obozo try's a gun grab --if he try's it there will be someone that will fire the first shot in a new American revolution---there are 88.6 guns for every 100 people out there--just when will the left realise that its PEOPLE that kill not the guns .hell do you think they would ban knives if he had killed the children with a knife--no----they want to tear up the constitution completely so there are only masters and slaves my heart goes out to the family's that lost children they were innocent lives --how come someone like that always wants to kill everyone then kill themselves after?
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    Give them more control or you're going over the fiscal cliff!
    Give them more control or your neighbor will kill someone!
    Better spy on them and rat them out for every little thing you can just in case! (and get paid!)
    Give them more control or the climate will change so dramatically that your garden won't grow and we'll all starve!
    Give them more control or someone will steal your youtube videos and get rich from the ads!
    Give them more control or...or....or.....

    It's all the same and goes beyond gun control.

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    Well said Mindgrinder. Anything that gives the government leverage against the people will be exploitated by them. All in the name of protecting us, but in the end nothing more than a power grab for control of each of us.
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    Well, if you are looking online ammo prices and what is in stock. You'd think we were about to be invaded by aliens or sumthin'
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