NOW theres another mall shooter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by marlas1too, Dec 16, 2012.

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    just what's going on now --it seems like all the nut jobs are armed and shooting at everything that moves---it just seem like all of a sudden there is one shooting after another this new one is in ca. no brainer there as most all the nuts grow in ca. its on the drudge report now
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    I am wondering if this phenomenon is a consequence of the rather desperate desire by insecure males for celebrity. Failed your audition to "Dancing With The Stars"...or the "X-FActor".....celebrity can still be yours by shooting up a school or a shopping mall... It's not the sort of thing that you could boast about at your highschool reunion...but for may be better than nothing....anything to get hits on one's facebook account.
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    Judging from the reports it seems Yosemite Sam was shooting at moving clouds and his own feet again.
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    Just like I said immediately after the very first shooting and caught a Las Vegas, NV blurb about a random gun shot reported finding national headlines --the MEDIA is on a campaign, per policy, to saturate the airwaves with any crime including GUN.

    It's a very simple technique, I am surprised more have not caught on to it yet. Using the school shooting as a catalyst, they will ride the FEAR train all the way, hyping up every story, reporting on any and all gun related crimes, especially shootings. Some of these can be staged, as has been done in the past, but the thing you don't see is most of this stuff happens all the time, it just doesn't normally make national news.

    The more you see people as programmable automatons who are incapable of free thought and only do what the magic box tells them, the easier it will be for you to recognize some of the patterns.
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    And the media probably won't cover anything like.
    'Woman ends rape attempt with her pistol.'
    'Gang Bangers stopped in foyer by armed teen.'
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    (Steve) ACTIVE SHOOTER: I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I was to not hear ANYTHING about this in the Leftist Media.

    This man, Nick Meli, is a true Hero as far as I'm concerned. He is a CCW holder in Oregon and he confronted a psychotic
    murderer at the Clackamas Town Center mall last week, thus saving an unknown number of innocent lives.

    Nick saw what was happening, took cover and then drew down on the suspect. Nick held his fire though, because the background wasn't clear and he feared he might hit an innocent person. But he was willing and that made a profound difference.

    Nick's actions made the killer retreat into a stairwell and kill himself, like the coward that he was.

    Well done, Nick Meli, you're a Hero and good man!!

    Read the linked article and pass it on.
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    Smart On choosing for a clean shot.
    Must be hard knowing that behind the target is many inconveniently placed folks .

    SC your post font is almost braille ;)

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