Now they have aps for mortars???

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by chelloveck, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Somewhere in the Middle East there are guys using iPads to aim their mortars


    In a previous lifetime as a mortar platoon commander I earned a little digger cred by showing my soldiers how to accurately aim a mortar without sights. With a set of firing tables and an artillery protractor modified by adding a weight to the end of the string to turn it into a plumb-bob. Then, using the protractor aligned with the barrel as an improvised clinometer, I showed them that a lost or damaged sighting mechanism was no reason why the mortarmen couldn't still play. That was in the days before OH&S and the tyranny of risk management.

    I'm suspecting that the mortar app is possibly a digital clinometer....with range tables to indicate the necessary elevation and charge bag configuration for the plotted range.....hmm....Google maps?

    Artillery protractor


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    The rise of technology is great but it has led to the relative demise of plain old marksmanship. Technology fails and you really need skills that have long been stored in the brain to get the job done.
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    There have been a few times, like this one, when I wish I could super size my "likes"...[beer]
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