Now they want to control my AC by remote!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    I just got a letter from my electric provider (Duke Energy) wanting me to enroll in a program to "save energy" and they'll give me a 25 dollar credit.

    If I say yes, they send a guy out to put a remote control device on my air conditioner that will allow them (their computer) to turn on/off my air conditioner whenever they want.

    They claim that it will only be used during weekdays and not on any holidays, and that it will only be used for a couple minutes every half-hour.

    Obviously.... they can kiss my ass!

    What happens when the computer accidently shuts it off on friday evening and you can't get ahold of anyone until monday morning? A hammer, that's what.

    And here's a good question..... at what point will they make it a law that we have to have these devices? Of course, WE will have to have them but John Kerry won't have too.
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    (F)lorida (P)lunder and (L)oot had this program 12 years ago in south fla. We signed up then (moved two years later so it stopped) and never knew if they ever used it, really could not tell either way.

    That said, would I ever sign up again the way things are today, doubt it, rather be hot.

  3. CRC

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    Yep...FPL was starting that when I moved from NE FL to where I am now...I had FPU on the island, moved across the bridge and FPL was the only utility company....and my bill almost tripled...:mad: JUST for moving 2 miles across the bridge.....sheeesh...
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    Growing up my parents had something like that installed. It was called "off-peak". Meaning that during peak usage certain things would be reduced or shut-off. We lived in the country and I have no idea how the stuff was hooked up, but we never really noticed any changes.

    I know our furnace, AC and water heater were all on it. Basically during the "peak hours the WH would not turn on and the AC/Furnace would only run a short time before being cycled off.

    Now days, I don't want no body controlling my appliances other than myself. Damn, I can't wait to move out of the city and into the country.
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