NP:Canadian government under international pressure to pass controversial Internet surveillance bill

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    From The National Post

    Bill C-30 created a storm of outrage when it was tabled because it would allow authorities access to Internet subscriber information — including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses — without a warrant in cases where companies refused to provide it voluntarily.

    “Key allies, including the U.K. and the United States, view this as a key international agreement and are eager for Canada to complete its ratification process,” the undated briefing note says. “The recently tabled Bill C-30 contains measures, including provision for data preservation orders, which would enable Canada to ratify the Budapest Convention.”

    As someone who works for a big ISP I'm more than annoyed by this.
    If a crime is being committed or there is sufficient reason to monitor a citizens internet activities - no judge will deny the warrant. This is all aboot "Global Spying" and "Guilty until proven innocent". It hurts so much that my average countryman is not only "disinterested" in such things but also apathetic to what the police and government are doing behind the scenes to curtain privacy and liberty.


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    yeah, try TOR on a 1GB usb running Linux Liberte.

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    Ya I noticed the Syria thing...thought to myself...."Still got a dial tone on my phone?" 56k is enough for email and forums.
    I'd pay long distance for access to dial up if i had to.
    The UN wants an Obama style kill-switch now....
    Won't be long.

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