NRA Book of Small Arms Vol1 Pistols and Revolvers

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    Whilst browsing through an antiquarian bookshop, I chanced upon The NRA Book of Small Arms.Volume 1 Pistols and Revolvers 1946 Edition in good condition. I found it quite by accident in the "humour / comedy" book section. It is an interesting book, very comprehensive and very well illustrated in fine plate photographs. I bought the book for the very reasonable sum of A$22. It even features some handguns in .32 police positive calibre.

    It is passingly odd what turns up in the strangest of places in the Antipodes. I have placed it between my antique copies of Karl's "The Communist Manifesto" and Friedrich's "The Gay Science". It seems an appropriate home for it! ; )
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    I think your book would be trying to grow legs and get the hell out of there, LOL.
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    Huh ?...I think you have a failed link...

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    I know, the book is probably wasted on me, but it's a nice collectable. It features some very unusual firearms, particularly of continental origin. Some firearms that would have been familiar as war souvineers brought back by reterning servicemen from Europe. I was teasing about the bookshelf placement...I do indeed have copies of Nietszche's and Marx's books, but I also have several versions of the Bible, including one in Hebrew, which I cannot read at all...perhaps it's the challenge of reading from right to left and from the bottom of the page to the top of the page, and from the back of the book to the front of the book. I can understand how left handed dyslexics have some difficulty reading.

    The NRA book tickled my wasn't a very wise use of my money, but sometimes whimsical impulse trumps rational reasoned decision making.

    Edit: Sorry about the failed link Gator. The book is out of print and I could only find references (no pictures) to it on E-bay, Amazon and similer online book selling sites.
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