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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrapman21009, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Teachers / School Admins, Once trained? Yeah, better plan
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    I wasn't saying the cops were a good idea, I am saying it is refreshing to see someone standing up against the "guns are evil" mentality. I agree teachers and administrators are a better choice, but unfortunately a police state is becoming the new normal. Not right, but normal
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    scrapman i agree whole heartedly thats why i joined the nra today
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    If cops wind up in the schools, I hope they are plain clothes. The idea of having uniforms around is just another way to acclimate kids to "protective" presence that might carry over to where it doesn't exist. Much preferred, in my mind, is trained staff, not LEO presence.
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    We need a happy middle ground on this. I don't think arming the teachers is a bad idea, but it's probably not the best idea as far as intent is concerned. I can't see my son's kindergarten teacher packing.
    Getting rid of these gun-free zones is a good idea which will enable "Mrs. Kindergarten" to carry is ok with me. Therefore, she could carry if she wanted to.

    We've said it before here many times. People's ability to process thought changes under that kind of stress. Would Mrs. Kindergarten be able to cope? would she watch her view beyond the target so that she could make a decision to engage?

    I'm playing devil's advocate here:

    A non-leo, plain clothed individual hired (by the school) expressly for his ability to be a force against criminals. As part of his requirements, he must meet the required background checks which equal that of the FBI and must meet a minimum of regular training to improve proficiency and to ensure a minimum level of expertise as required.

    In other words. If you want to be a guard in the school where my child attends, you better not be a psycho, child molester and you must know what the eff you're doing.

    Having other staff as back-up in a Kobayashi Maru would be desired, I think.

    Having 2 children, I am most definitely concerned about the welfare of all children. So while I have no desire to infringe on the rights of men to keep and bear arms; in a setting where the possibility of ending a child's life is far greater than most other places due to the demographics of the facility and possibly due to an improperly trained individual is food for thought.

    For me, it comes down to statistics and a whole lot of what if's. I'm still on the fence about it.

    1. I don't want to instill a false sense of security
    2. I don't want my child to think that I can't secure him
    3. I don't want my child to think that uncle sugar is all he needs for protection because that's what he sees everyday
    4. I don't want incompetence to prevail in a setting such as a school
    5. Understanding that we are human, I need an assurance of maximum reduction of potential loss of life.
    6. I want people's right to be upheld.
    7. I want some level of protection greater than what there is now
    8. I NEED my child to be and feel safe.

    Obviously, the only setting that fulfills these to my liking is being home with me and home schooling. So I am trying to come up with what I feel is a good balance.

    The obvious need is to achieve an increased level of protection. No more soft targets.

    ...and then I think... " I send my children to school where I place their well-being in their own hands as well as the adults that oversee them. If the teacher cannot protect them adequately, then wouldn't it make sense to provide that adequacy? would not a pistol do this? Is there anything else that can provide an improved level of protection without being too risky? All this followed by "If I were a teacher, I'd want the right to protect myself too".. and then I end up with "Give them a gun". It's a mean circle, man.. a mean one. I think required training is needed and give them a pistol. I don't know how I would feel until the results are out. Sounds harsh, but we have to trust someone I guess.
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    Paintball as part of PE class wouldn't be a bad idea either.
    Teach the kids how to evade incoming fire and respect's a start.

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    I am ALL FOR "The Israeli Solution" and REQUIRE these Folks to obtain a CCW, as setup in their State. That way they will have to be vetted, to the degree that is required by their State Government. The stricter the Requirements, the better they will be vetted.
  10. kellory

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    I agree to a point BTPost, BUT, my wife is a school teacher, with law enforcement degrees. She is not working as a cop because her eyesight failed her. She is a damn good and requested sub-teacher, but could not carry a gun. You would put her out of work.
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