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    Due to the China hack to Google's network, they are now teaming up with the NSA to 'protect their clients' which is an oxymoron. Google is so big they don't need the NSA, so something is afoot. I strongly recommend www.startpage.com with their proxy service, or use Scoogle.org to search. Internet one is going down, and Internet 2 is being formed.seesaw
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    Cox Communication LEO menu


    To defer the cost to Cox of compliance, payment of the following minimum fees is required for all subpoena, court order and warrant requests, except for: (1) child endangerment or harassing call investigations, if documented when requested and unless expedited response is sought; and (2) Cox subscriber telephone toll record and listing requests that are not voluminous in nature:

    $40.00 Per account for basic information*
    $80.00 Per account for expedited handling

    $40.00/Month Telephone call detail records (other than toll)
    No Charge Telephone toll record and basic subscriber records of 10 or less**

    $0.25/Page Photocopies and facsimiles exceeding ten pages
    $25.00 Data on CD-ROM
    $25.00 Express delivery

    $75.00/hr./staff Requests requiring greater than 0.5 hours ($40.00 minimum)
    $80.00 plus $150.00/hr./staff Preservation or expedited handling, if available

    No charge Non-expedited child endangerment investigations or harassing call investigations, if documented when requested and unless expedited handling is requested

    Pen Register/Trap and Trace $2,500 for each 60 days — $2,000 for each additional 60 days
    Wiretap $3,500 for each 30 days — $2,500 for each additional 30 days

    * Requests based on IP addresses must include date, time and time zone information in order to receive a response.

    ** Telephone subscriber requests from law enforcement in excess of 10 accounts or otherwise voluminous may be charged for under 18 USC 2706. Inaccurate requests concerning non-Cox subscribers require a fee of $25 per non-Cox request. Law enforcement can determine providers at http://www.npac.com. Telephone account information in civil cases is charged at $40.00 per account.
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