NSA Has Hacked Google, Yahoo

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    If you thought PRISM was bad, wait until you get a load of MUSCULAR. Documents from Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA has hacked the cables Google and Yahoo use to shuttle information between their massive cloud databases, giving them unfettered access to data from hundreds of millions of users, all without the slightest oversight from even the FISA court, the Washington Post reports.

    A top-secret document dated Jan. 9, 2013, reveals that in the previous 30 days alone, the NSA had collected 181,280,466 new records—and that includes not just metadata, but text, audio, and video as well.

    Technically, this is all legal because Google and Yahoo have data centers around the world, and anything beyond US borders is fair game for the NSA. But US data flows freely through and is duplicated throughout this system, meaning MUSCULAR has been able to collect data on US citizens and residents on what the Post calls "a previously unknown scale."

    And whereas PRISM took data from the "front door," compelling Google and Yahoo to hand over data, MUSCULAR is being done without their knowledge, bypassing top-flight security measures.

    The Post says two Google engineers "exploded in profanity" when they saw the documents. "I hope you publish this," one said.

    NSA Has Hacked Google, Yahoo: Report - Snowden scoop: 'MUSCULAR' program allows access of all data, without court order
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    Nothing is safe from these NSA Yahoos, and your Federal CongressCritters will never rein these Yahoos in, no matter what Sen. Fienswien says in public... She is a natural born Lier, and can NEVER be trusted to Keep Her Oath of Office, EVER.... .....
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    I think we've had the acronym wrong.
    It's not No Such Agency as much as it is Non-Supervised Agency.
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it a thousand more times, "I have a healthy respect for the capabilities of that agency." I know the unclassified, and classified, history of their intelligence coups; and some of the less known ones were truly stupendous feats. Love the NSA or hate it, all had better respect its capabilities. If one wants to keep a secret, transmitting it electronically is not a great idea. Best to stay in the static.
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