NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails

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    The NSA's new data center in Bluffdale, Utah, which is expected to open later this year and will contain some of the world's fastest supercomputers.
    ProPublica, July 23, 2013, 12:39 p.m.

    The NSA is a "supercomputing powerhouse" with machines so powerful their speed is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. The agency turns its giant machine brains to the task of sifting through unimaginably large troves of data its surveillance programs capture.

    But ask the NSA, as part of a freedom of information request, to do a seemingly simple search of its own employees' email? The agency says it doesn’t have the technology.

    "There's no central method to search an email at this time with the way our records are set up, unfortunately," NSA Freedom of Information Act officer Cindy Blacker told me last week.

    The system is “a little antiquated and archaic," she added.

    I filed a request last week for emails between NSA employees and employees of the National Geographic Channel over a specific time period. The TV station had aired a friendly documentary on the NSA and I want to better understand the agency's public-relations efforts.

    A few days after filing the request, Blacker called, asking me to narrow my request since the FOIA office can search emails only “person by person," rather than in bulk. The NSA has more than 30,000 employees.

    I reached out to the NSA press office seeking more information but got no response.

    It’s actually common for large corporations to do bulk searches of their employees email as part of internal investigations or legal discovery.

    “It’s just baffling,” says Mark Caramanica of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “This is an agency that’s charged with monitoring millions of communications globally and they can’t even track their own internal communications in response to a FOIA request.”

    Federal agencies’ public records offices are often underfunded, according to Lucy Dalglish, dean of the journalism school at University of Maryland and a longtime observer of FOIA issues.

    But, Daglish says, “If anybody is going to have the money to engage in evaluation of digital information, it’s the NSA for heaven’s sake.”

    NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails - ProPublica
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    Meh. ....I‘m getting the impression that N.S. A. Internal communications are conducted via papyrus memos inscribed by quill and ink.
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    Bottom line? It's Bull-Shit. They don't want to provide it so they won't, end of story. Buy the line about inability if you want, believe that they are underfunded/understaffed/use an antiquated system if you desire but the long and short of it is that they ARE above the law until we disabuse them of that notion.

    If you think your mileage varies on that you're an idiot, you are practicing self-deception or both.
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