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    Went and crammed most of it into ~ 2 days (THey let me jump in and out of stuff)

    Ran a pair of Glock 26's.

    Only needed the backup on one stage.

    Got all the lectures except John Farnahams (SP?) which I was sad to miss (He reminds me much of Col Cooper)

    Missed all the discussions.

    And shot all 10 stages. (Missed the Saturday force on force and live fire events though)

    -I had to ride like hell to make the birthday bash...

    In The village (Simunations) thye say I'm 'Boring' as I am less looking for a fight.[​IMG]

    I got 'killed' in 2 out of the 4 simunation stages, one where 2 guys 'robbed' the 'store' I was in.

    Took care of one, but using him as cover only partially worked.

    The second stage where I died I died from an IED while having the Distinction of serving as cover for John. (And leading to many jokes about learning how to live a long time (Pushing the other guy and saying "You go" etc)[​IMG]
    -At a wedding, guy came in to try to stop it, blowing the lights first.
    Point wa smade that your tac light makes you a target (Only one of us did it)
    One of us shot the guy (WIth a suicide vest) in the back...

    Then little object lesson on talking to cops... Guy did good and didn;t... but other people did... some supporting and some attacking.

    Avoided a confrentation in an alley

    And left a domestic dispute in an office.

    Only round I fired was in the robbery.

    In the skills stage (Second day) I was the first to shoot it clean.

    I DID drop my spair mag on a reload however! (DOH!)

    Shot a cop on a couple stages... he was hard to ID in one of them however. (The other I screwed up... dim light and i did not bring clear lenses on the bike)

    Had a double barrel in one stage which turned the safety on every time you opened it... So I wound up butstroking a couple guys and stomping one guy's throat.
    (THey put my pistols off-limits for that stage)

    Had a HARD time hitting the 'distance' targets on one stage. 50 yards... it took me about 20 rounds to make heart shots.
    I was making good hits, but they have about fist sized steel plates...
    I was hitting good body shots, just not on the steel.
    (Once I got it it was 1, 2, 3... no issues)

    Was doing it at 75 yards a year ago first shot.

    Knew my accuracy had suffered... I've only shot about 2x since January... Will fix this.

    Was supprised at my accuracy in other stages.

    It was very good.

    Some of the lectures were on adrenalin and such...

    I DO believe after reflection and conversation with various PHD's and people running the stages etc...

    THat Riding the bike has improved my reactions, handling of adrenalin, and field of view.

    On a 360 range I was able to see (And react) to a bomb thrown on one side, and a gunman 180 degrees away, and react to both.

    2 stages imobalised one hand...

    I'll get my notes outa my saddlebag and post up more later.
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    Sounds like some"hellatiously" valuable training!
  3. Hispeedal2

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    Sounds like fun (as I sit here on leave, getting fat, not even remembering the feel of a trigger).
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