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    Is this the oct deadline for the supplies to fema region 3
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    Broken arrow.
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    I do wonder if maybe we are moving these warheads because we have been told that the US will pay if we bomb Syria. Shifting our nukes to a secret site would be safe if we could experience a homeland attack.
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    Really think about it. Today Iran issued so very serious threats. He threatened Ambassadors etc and threatened one of the Obama girls. So as we saw with Hasan there may be persons in the military that may not be on our side. So if we are worried that we may have an attack on American soil, we decide to re secretly move and securing nuclear weapons and Alex Jones is blasting it over the airwaves. I don't know what is going on but I do read Alex Jones site but don't believe him 100%.
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    @Motomom34 If the plan is to move secret nukes around secretively, there's an entire underground railway network designed to do just that. We wouldn't have leaked information and Alex Jones wouldn't know anything about it. No, the most likely scenario is that it was done on purpose to create the notion that it was an "error" or a "mistake" or that government has become too careless. Maybe the nukes could be mismanaged or stolen and now everybody knows what's going on so it can mean any number of things. Nothing is black and white, and this entire game of Russia vs. the U.S. and war is entirely staged from A to Z.
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    I was watching the news this morning and some politician was saying how our pilots are just sitting around because they won't give them gas to train. I have heard mention the Minot thing but never explored what happened. When you say:
    is that an implication of the military vs the govt. I do wonder how much the military really respects and supports the current admin. I hope that makes sense.
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    I'm not sure. It has been my experience, having taken notice of the majority of military personnel and having been one myself, that many are detached from most happenings and generally support policy without questioning. I suppose that's for the best under normal circumstances, since following orders is a primary focus. The military has its own television network, known as "AFN", which means Armed Forces Network (or news). You won't find Alex Jones on a tirade going on about fluoride and the NWO. However, lots of military generally do not support a Democrat in office --no matter his skin color. I do believe that the case with Obama may have been different, with so many blacks in the military who may have voted in favor of the first black President, but I have no doubt some have come around to see that a tyrant can be any color.

    Do I think it's possible for individual units to separate or rebel against the "government"? I guess it's possible, but extremely unlikely at this stage. Also, I am not sure if this whole transfer could just be an exercise, and there's a possibility we're not picking up on a detail involved, too. I like to place my trust in events happening as they should, but since 2001, that's all gone out the window. We see the secret government actively undertaking "routine" exercises on the very day, up to the minute of the very same real-time event occurring. It happened on 9-11, and on 7-7 in London, possibly with Boston, and evidence hints toward it also happening back in Oklahoma, too. With a track record like this, it wouldn't be too crazy to be skeptical when any portion of government is involved with a training exercise.
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    The military is a tricky population, but I suspect this applies also to law enforcement, also. Most are decent people with values and loyalty consistent with the founding of the country. TPTB needs that quality in the general population of the military for the military to be useful for large scale operations. The problem is individual servicemembers and even units are VERY compartmentalized and don't have the big picture or are simply misinformed. This way, well disciplined, well meaning servicemembers feel like the small part they are playing is the right thing, but in the continuum of operations on a strategic level, they can be part of tyranny and progress to NWO. Spoken from experience. These military operations are maybe 10-15% of the big picture strategic operations of change, with the other aspects being political and financial and their private mercenaries. The true evil in the world is with the politicians and the global financiers. If there is an nuclear sabotage event, I doubt if there will be knowingly complicit military involvement. Rather look for signs of a private army or other covert action.
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