Nuns and nukes..same story.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, May 8, 2013.

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  2. bfayer

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    I wonder if they even comprehend that the only reason we have any Nuns left in this world of ours is because of our nuclear weapons?

    Without our nukes, Mao and Stalin would have made sure that the world lived in a state of everlasting atheistic bliss, of course after starving and killing everyone that believed in the supremacy of God over the state.
  3. Mindgrinder

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    If you say so we have American hands in every countries pockets printing money backed by nothing while your army is contracted out at 10x the cost to Blackwater/whateverthenameisnow to commit crimes against humanity for corporate Debt-Slave-Masters.
    Personally...I'd appreciate it if you didn't help my country with your "Power Overwhelming" because I'd prefer not to owe you any favors.
    It's not worth the cost.

    Ta Da.

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    Actually, Mindgrinder buddy, it's a cabal of banking cartels to blame. The United States is only the military arm of the global empire, Britain is the headquarters and intelligence outfit, and the Vatican serves as a funnel for assets and to assert religious influence. I assign Canada to Britain since it is wholly controlled by the crown. Nobody is innocent in this.
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  5. Yard Dart

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    I think we should annex Canada and log the crap out of it- cabins for all!!!!. It would also add some nice hunting grounds for all of us, even though we have been spoiled by our evil ways..... whatever. Only problem is the d_mn French speak'n frog wannabee's in the central part of the country..... but that is just my opinion..... ;)

    Edit** I was just being provocative..... My blood boils a bit when I hear anti-American spewing crap that is bias to ones own perception of the world. Have we made our mistakes, sure, but there are many in this world over recent history that have been stopped in their tracks by our actions and that should be acknowledged even by the haters.
    P.S. I love the French ladies & take back my inflammatory frog comment!! But a cabin would be nice... up the backcountry of BC somewhere. :cool:
  6. bfayer

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    You really think the USSR would had left Canada alone after WWII if the US would not have had Nukes? Stalin would have steamrolled over Alaska and used Canada as a giant strip mine. You need to spend less time hating America and more time reading history.
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  7. Mindgrinder

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    i dont hate America at all. I very much dislike how you think the world owes you something. Your corporations have destroyed local economies via Wal-marterdom, empoverished millions in 3rd world countries by exporting production, stiffled innovation and surpressed technolgical progress through ridiculous copyright and patent greed, will eventually implode the global economy when the oil dollar and stock market collapse.....
    Your military has killed more than 1 million people in Iraq in an unjust "weapons off mass destruction" war....i could go on for days calling out US crimes...

    Read history eh?
    Google "Russia threatens Canada"...
    Your making up a fairy tale...they are no threat to me, never have been and your nukes are not my saviour.
    Please take a step back and realize that your country has screwed over many countries, murdered many people on their own soil, caused poverty and starvation to many and yet you still have the nerve to stick your nose in the air with a huge puff of arrogance and entitlement as if Canada owes u for keeping us safe from the evil commies.

  8. ghrit

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    It does owe us a bit. All the aid we've sent out, all the loans forgiven, all the humanitarian assistance given during trying times. Yeah, we are owed, but not demanding repayment. You may, if you wish, offset all that with your perception of our rape and pillage of various other nations. I have to say that you are not alone in your perception of the US as a bully, but for as many others as think your way, there are others that see it differently.
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  9. bfayer

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    You need to read up on Igor Gouzenko and step away from revisionist history. Sometimes reality sucks, but Stalin wanted Alaska and Canada, and it wasn't the peaceful and reclusive nature of the Canadian people that stopped him.
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  10. cdnboy66

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    c'mon up buddy, bring yer chainsaw, axe and a few chisels, we'll make a weekend of it, go all Dick Proenekke.

    Personally, I hear things about Montana and Wyoming that I would love to check out, Oregon is amazing...Washington has everything you could ever want.
    And I love my southern cousins, looking for a chance to visit
    maybe we should move the border to North South instead of East West....but what to do about Cali??
    My experience has been most folks on either side of the line are just like the others...2 or 3 generations from now the border will be almost invisible

    as for the do still have Louisiana and the Creole french language right??
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  11. Yard Dart

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    I am not far away so that is doable, will have to sharpen the axe and head that way if our crazy lib's down here keep at the rate they are going.... I grew up in Montana and loved it there but the work picture for my trade is thin.

    Push Cali into the ocean- that would suit me fine.

    Ahh the French thing was a joke- a weak jab at MG since he is in BC as well. But them Louisiana folks can make some mean Cajun food- never going to say anything bad bout that :cool:
  12. kellory

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    the californication problem is simple. It's all San Andrea's fault. let him finish the job.
  13. bfayer

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    I'll cut some slack to Sonoma County and north, but if by chance everything south of Petaluma floated out to sea, I don't believe I would go out of my way to tow it back.

    As for Canada, I love the country and the people. My grandfather was Canadian and I still have family in Ontario.

    But getting back to the original post, the fact is if it was not for nukes, Stalin would have kept expanding the USSR, and I have no doubt Truman would have cut some deal sacrificing Alaska to save western Europe.

    Stalin had 10s of millions of people to use as cannon fodder and the people of the US were tired of war by 45.

    No one has to like nukes, but there is no way to make an educated argument that nukes did not stop Soviet expansion in its tracks. Stalin was dedicated to replacing God with the State and any Nuns that disagreed would have ended up in a gulag for the rest of their short life.

    I hope the new pope pulls their official Nun card.
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