NWO grooms pres. candidates

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    Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani picked up a major endorsement just over a week ago
    from Texas Governor Rick Perry. Texas is sure to be a major battleground in the primary contest especially with the growing prospect that there may be a few viable candidates left standing after Super Tuesday. It may turn out that the winner of Texas wins the nomination.

    According to Jerome R. Corsi, the ground breaking investigative journalist for WorldNetDaily, Governor Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting earlier this year in Istanbul Turkey. Corsi also reported that Democratic Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, attended the meeting allowing taxpayers to pick up the expense of her 12 hundred dollar hotel room costs

    The Bilderberg group was named after the hotel that housed the first meeting of the group in 1956. Critics of the group claim that it has a Globalist agenda furthering the aims of world government and is one of the driving forces behind creating a proposed North American Union.

    The Bilderberg group meetings draw international political leaders, business leaders and often high profile members of the press. The agenda of Bilderberg meetings are completely blacked out in the media and only recently have media organizations allowed reports to trickle out that the secret group even existed.

    Defenders of the group say that it is simply a place for high powered and influential leaders to meet and discuss issues without the scrutiny of the press and the potential backlash when new or unconventional ideas are exchanged.

    The principal of a ‘Master Mind’ group that meets regularly is common in business and other organizations to steer an agenda and was probably mainstreamed with the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, however if any such group consisted of international members that included as one of its purposes influence over U.S. government policy it would violate the principle of representative government and may be illegal and un constitutional.

    The NY Times reported that Edwards spoke at the Bilderberg meeting in 2004 and there are some reports that haven’t been confirmed that Hillary Clinton attended in 2006. It has also been reported that Bill Clinton attended prior to becoming president.

    There have been several alternative news sites that claim that the attendance of the Bilderberg Meeting by Governor Perry, Governor Sebelius, and potentially Senator Hillary Clinton if she attended, may be violations of the Logan Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The Logan act forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

    Whether the Bilderberg Group actually is promoting a North American Union no one can tell that does not attend the meetings. Although the attempts to create a North American Union itself, no longer seems to be in question.

    Recently on U.S. TV, former Mexican president Vincente Fox, advocated massive immigration into the United States and erasing borders for the long term goal of creating a North American Union. Fox also said that he and Bush were working on a regional currency before plans got derailed.

    As more people become aware of it, there is a growing opposition to a North American Union by Americans across the political spectrum wanting to retain representative government.

    The issue of membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and support for a North American Union was asked at a Fred Thomson Event. Thompson did not deny membership in the organization and surprisingly claimed to be unaware of attempts to create North American Union.

    Some consider the issue of replacing U.S. representative government with a North American Union as the greatest issue facing humanity. The Security and Prosperity Partnership claims that no such attempts to create a North American Union exist although critics consider the organization to be a precursor to a North American Union.

    It is unclear whether Perry’s attendance at the Bilderberg Meeting will have an impact one way or the other on the strength of his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani.

    Three Republican presidential candidates, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo have voiced opposition to a North American Union. Visit the USA Daily Forum to discuss this and other issues
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