Second Amendment NYC: "Surrender your weapons"

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Nov 29, 2013.

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    From that very link, I decided to re-post due to its excellence:

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    The first person to get this letter, in NYC needs to become a plaintive in a suit filed in Federal District Court, as a Civil Rights Violation of the 2nd Amendment as decided in Heller & McDonald, WHICH IS THE LAW OF THE LAND, PERIOD. If I was the Attorney of Record, I would ask for a Summary Judgement and insist on a an Temporary Injunction, until the case could be adjudicated. The City Statute is in violation of Heller & McDonald, on it's face. That is the simple Fact, and any Federal Judge who actually read those precedent Setting decisions, can come to no other decision. My opinion... YMMV...
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    There are definetly more of us than of them.. And sometimes judges can be contrary.
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    Yes there are more of us it is true. My only concern is that the heart of this people has become soft and corruption and lawlessness has been accepted by the majority of the public. The godless gangsters run our neighborhoods and sit in seats of power. Who are we going to call on when they are by default the fiat law? This is the precipice we find our toes dangling over. What will we do and will we choose wisely.

    Michael Yon sent a letter recently speaking of Thailand in the midst of a soft coup. The Thai people are sick and tired of the corruption as well. When I look around I see the malady of overt corruption taking over the whole earth. Is it possible that big things are about to happen?
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    I would like to propose an idea. Now, I am not expecting absolute agreement, but please hear me out. I firmly believe that the only true "criminals" reside within government and their sister corporations (IRS, Fed Reserve, etc.) and function solely for self profit without concern for the harm it causes. I do have *some* minimal experience with your lesser vermin among the general population, those not infiltrated by CIA and FBI units, who also exist to corrupt and undermine any organization of the people. Basically, what I am getting at is, an unfettered black market, free from the contamination of politics and bureaucracy tends to be far more honorable and chooses, by default to respect the nature of the people who support it, for the most part. There are always exceptions. Of course, from what I can muster in thought as an advocate of opposing argument, I can see how the Mexican La Raza and Mecha gangs simply do not fall into either category. These types of outfits typify hate groups, fueled by racial prejudice and ignorance. Absent the racial gangs, if the average criminal element was free from alphabet agency influence, I would think it operates within guidelines and boundaries which can be far more honorable than what we have been used to seeing.

    As for the fact of shear numbers is concerned, I am still hopeful we can muster as one people, united against the darkness. We are still divided and preoccupied, however. The trick those in power must attempt to pull off, is to promote gun confiscation while at the same time playing the blame game. This is typically where the two party paradigm in politics plays a significant role. The left generally tries to take large bites, and the right forces them back, but not always all the way back to zero. In this manner, incremental acceptance of increasingly more draconian legislation is introduced, and over time, tyranny can run full swing.

    The people need to adhere to the principles and guidelines of the Constitution and not sway one inch, and back up their liberties with cold steel and lead --not picket signs and peaceful campaigns. No tyrant in the history of the world has ever abdicated due to the peaceful protests of the people.
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    To Bad, when the SHTF, the first thing going in the WoodStove, is the BoundBook, and the 4473's..... .....
    I need the BTUs to stay warm....
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    This is another reason they performed the "nuclear" option in the Senate recently. To have the ability to seat activist judges, that obbumer nominates, with a simple majority is priceless to their agenda. This will allow them to take unconstitutional laws, via these judges and have decisions that declare them constitutional. Just another means of them watering down and discarding the constitution through removal of the check and balance of our legal system.
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    Quite true. In fact, the insane part is, they don't even need to go around the Constitution because its been nullified since 1933. The idea is to promote the socialist state as much as possible, building up support for the new order. Public opinion really is a big issue, and the goal has always been to convince the public they are in control of their own destiny through voting, and shall willingly demand to be enslaved. They would be much further along by now had the internet revolution not taken hold. The whole slavery by design tactic is a very interesting science experiment, even granted its terrible consequences.
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    You are mostly right, and fairly deep in your observations. Let me correct one statement, "the only true criminals reside in government", this is not a fair statement. There have always been people who are corrupt to their very core and they are "Criminals" not all are "in government" some merely do what they do because they are too lazy or too stupid to do anything else, a small minority are literally deranged and cant do otherwise. The government portion of that problem comes in the form of power = corruption. It has long been known that any power corrupts the holder, and the more power he has the less likely he/she will have the strength to resist its corruption. Most of these evil-doers are well meaning, or at least they start out that way. Unfortunately it takes the weakest of them virtually no power to be completely corrupted and start a) abusing the vested powers OR b) believing its their job to make everything better for "under privileged".

    Heres the sticky bit, the ones that are too stupid to understand why these policies CANT WORK, are not disillusioned early enough to get out of politics. The smartest, well meaning do-gooders quickly realize that government is the problem not the solution, distance themselves and never achieve true power (which would corrupt them eventually anyway) and sit frustrated grinding their teeth.

    This sounds like an un-winnable situation, it not, the answer is very simple really. LIMIT POWER!
    Yes the framers started it, and stopped short thinking they were not futurists and wanted a flexible system, then some early presidents and congresses decided to "flex" a little and see what they could get away with, Asserting powers that either did not exist or were specifically relegated to the states; and the states let them! This built and built until the Secession of South Carolina, and the beginning of the so called "civil war", more accurately known in the south as "The War of Northern Aggression" Unfortunately the secessionists lost, and that further solidified central power and set the federal government on a continual expansion. Ever increasing taxes, burdensome regulation and bizarre court rulings have brought us to this point. The thing is the local and county & state governments "OWN" al the power they have lent it permanently to the FED without a clue how to foreclose.

    Now the secret, invalidation. Yes the city, and county can revoke the powers of federal or state "officials" to enforce laws within its boundaries (except those specifically granted to the US and States in the Bill of Rights) and pass its own laws exempting its residents and guests from same... So simple that rarely do any of these part time legislatures ever attempt it.

    My 2 pence worth.
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    I concur, and I do appreciate your attention. It's not every day I get to expand on an issue such as this. We don't exactly have a government any longer. It's just an enormous corporate cartel, really; they manage the country as any oligarchy would. I guess the only true criminals who have amnesty built-in to their existence is what we perceive to be 'government', thus making them truly untouchable. Look at it on a micro scale, how many cops get released from suspension only to return to duty, most having been paid the entire time? Murder, corruption, abuse, it doesn't matter --free pass to be as evil as you want, and a vacation if you get caught. This is a good 'ol boy's club...and we aren't in it!

    A real criminal would actually do jail time, lose the wife, car, kids and house, then be paroled and commit suicide or commit another crime just to go back inside to the only life he knows.

    How exactly do we define the criminality of warmongering profiteers who are seemingly above the law? You let me know when you have an answer.

    Indeed. The States and the citizenry really do hold the power, and it's cemented in the Tenth Amendment. If the People only knew how much power they truly have, and if they can just STOP the whining and equal rights bologna, just stand as ONE people against the CORPORATE EMPIRE seeking to enslave them, it can all end in a night. Step one, everybody withdraw all your money from the banks. Step two, all states secede from the Union. Step three, grin and bear it because it's far better than debtor prison, perpetual poisoning and drugging, cancer, and constant abuse by spazzed-out gestapo police.

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    All answers lay in local politics? I believe it.. Get the corperation out of your local politics by sellectivly electing honest people..
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    Again your insight has taken it a level deeper, they do run the country exactly like an oligarchy, like the corporate giants land consortiums of pre-industrial revolution Europe. It that time from the 1500's until about oh, um, the American Revolution, these lords and other powerful gentry simply "granted" rights and warrants to do pretty much whatever the heck they wanted to do, including enslaving several continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, then both North and South America. They simply made up the rules as they went along and plundered and corrupted the whole world from stem-to-stern. Then along came a very few enlightened gentlemen, whose words were so powerful and inarguable that they caught fire. Bastiat, Loch, Smith, and several others wrote about what it means to be free, be a slave, what it means to be an economic-slave and why it is unjust. These injustices were fairly quickly thrown over, just as in all "advanced societies" before them this period came to an end with suddenly and ferociously, in fact we are still in the tail end of the battle and the ogre of centralized power is staging his counter attack. They call their agenda a "counter revolution" for a reason. Always remember the socialists always claim to be overthrowing the power base, what they really seek is to seize the power for themselves while maintaining the illusion of liberators.

    "How exactly do we define the criminality of warmongering profiteers who are seemingly above the law? You let me know when you have an answer."...
    We have a poetic word for that, the founders threw it around like a curse; POLITICIAN ! Sounds nice, but few of them are in it to serve.
    Down with the ruling class, down with the career politicos, down with the biased pendents, bureaucrats and anyone else whose primary function is to suckle at the teat of the public cow.

    How about this, before anyone can run for office the must do three things,
    1. Serve the common good in the military, or some other thankless underpaid but wholly necessary function.
    2. Prove themselves a wise and just businessman, making a successful career, business, or service to the people.
    3. Vow to leave office within a few years, them selves and friends and family no richer than when they began...
    (stop the money flow and your cut off the head of the snake)
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    Reading such as this was a prerequisite for me as a child.
    Yes, it is interesting how communism was used, and still is used to destroy existing societies from within, with its intended goal always focused on socialism. The inherent "flaw" some have pointed out, is actually the genius built-in to the system itself. Communism, as you may already know, exists to make every citizen equal in every way, while redistributing wealth to the people in what is deemed to be "fair". It increases the size of government to the point at which it is no longer viable, and most citizenry must pay dearly in taxation to support its ever growing hunger. Naturally, a ruling elite exist at the top of the government structure, and it isn't long before decadence among the elite brings about a ruinous end. (sounds kind of familiar?) I would check into the origins of communism if you haven't already --it's sure to enlighten. There is a significant Zionist connection.

    Ha! I love it. However, even some of the framers, as has been heatedly outlined in the Articles of Confederation, did not prefer a standing army. We can both see the dangers assigned to a perpetually existing military structure under the command of the Executive, or any branch of government, I am sure. I like the "underpaid and thankless function" very much. Not too many folks these days comprehend the importance of selfless service and duty to serve the republic; of note there have been a couple in my memory to offer their services. I recall Michael Badnarik when he ran for office, and of course, Ron Paul --both men were willing (and have in Paul's case) to have done the job for free.

    Another issue I would like to bring up, is media influence and their role with deciding the fate of a nation, and the use of charismatic authority and nefarious methods to gain support, to include subliminal messages and flat-out mind control/doublethink psychology or propaganda. Today, as we all know, it takes many millions of dollars to run for the office of President. It takes much more than just vast sums of "money", as we learned with Ross Perot, who funded his own campaign in the past and lost horribly. It also takes the active support of the corporate media, their power cannot and should not be underestimated.
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    Did you go to Jesuit school or something? What child reads Loch and Smith? Wierdo!

    True communism is not the threat, it can't exist on a scale much larger than the family unit. No the real threat is false communism, which is socialism in one of its many forms. Fascists, Nazis, Socialists, Reformers, all fall into this one generic category, and all hide behind the same lies, "social contract", "greater good", "equality of outcome", "social experiment". One mans oligarchy is another mans dictatorship regardless of how beneficent the leadership.

    It is sad that they get away with using texts; out of context and the lazy masses ignore the gap. Eg. they refer to "Plato's Republic" as the perfect working example of "communal bliss" but ignore the pivotal ending chapters that PROVE it can't ever work, anywhere, under any circumstances that involve man and/or free thought, will and desire. These basic human emotions cannot be bred out and have never been suppressed long.

    My greatest fear is not that freedom could perish from the earth, but history teaches us that it is much more rare than common, and when it does wane it takes hundreds or thousands of years to win it back. One could argue that the current "freedom cycle" was bought to the beach by Moses, advanced across the beach into the foothills with Jesus, and didn't really succeed until the declaration of independence. When it is finally suppressed next time there may be a 10,000 or more years of sadness and strife before our progeny finally gets the will and circumstances to throw off the yoke of tyranny again. They will at first be confident it cannot be undone (as the founders likely were) and hopefully learn the lessons we are suffering now to instill a new permanent universal freedom.

    God bless mankind with freedom, and the intelligence to keep it. Happy New Year everyone.
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    @Finster, you're talking about the difference between a politician and a statesman. politicians are the vast majority, a true statesman is rare.
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    and John Kerry isn't one of them...........
  19. Finster

    Finster Simplify, I'd say more but this says it all.

    You are correct, and the last arguable statesman I can remember was RR, some would argue thats not even close. He is the only on eI can think of in our century. That is a testament to the foundation the framers created, virtually unopposed (or at least vastly out numbered) for over 100 years progressivism has been slow to win each victory. Their (its) strength is the never relenting march toward the goal.
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    Reagan was no saint. Nope, not one single statesman (President) in this lifetime. Of course, Kennedy paid the price for even trying. Kerry is a Bonesman hack.

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