Oath to the Queen - Constitutional Challenge

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    Canadian citizenship oath to Queen will be challenged in court | Toronto Star

    "The case initially arose in 1991, when civil rights lawyer Charles Roach challenged the oath requirement in Federal Court and lost. Over Ottawa’s objections, he successfully reprised the case in Superior Court in 2005.
    Roach died last fall and the case is now proceeding with McAteer and two others, Simone Topey, and Dror Bar-Natan as applicants."

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    The oath requirement “effectively bars” these applicants from enjoying citizenship rights such as voting or obtaining a Canadian passport, their application to Ontario Superior Court states.
    People born in Canada or abroad to Canadian parents are automatically citizens and don’t have to take any such oath.
    “All of the applicants would willingly take an oath to observe the laws of Canada and fulfil their duties as Canadian citizens,” the document says.
    One of the applicants, Michael McAteer, 79, a retired journalist who immigrated almost 50 years ago, says his father was persecuted in Ireland for supporting Irish independence.
    “Taking an oath of allegiance to a hereditary monarch who lives abroad would violate my conscience, be a betrayal of my republican heritage, and impede my activities in support of ending the monarchy in Canada,” McAteer says in his affidavit.

    The Citizenship Act requires applicants for citizenship to swear or affirm they will be “faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors."

    Well, Canada is the land of the Queen. Her money, her rules. Change one of those, and win you will. =)

    Do you want to know something scary? Take a look at that poll. Asked if you believe an oath to the Queen is needed, the majority voted YES. Now, are many of the voters British? Perhaps.
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    Up until I woke up in 2010 I was brainwashed to feel that our "heritage" as a British Colony was a GOOD thing. I was VENOMOUS vrs the Seperatists in Quebec....frequently referring to it as "treason".


    I'm ASHAMED of this now and I'm almost 40....I can barely imagine the effort required to educate my fellow Canadians what Sov REALLY means.
    We don't know.
    We don't care.
    We go along to get along.
    We think immigration is "a cultural mixing pot"...

    Reality is SO MUCH STRANGER THAN FICTION when you look at the bigger picture.

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    Well said, my friend.
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