Obama administration pushes back Keystone decision

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    barry is an embarrassing disaster for this country.

    If a cause the libs supported had these numbers and the conservatives were holding it up they would be called racists who only oppose it because barry is of mixed race.
    A Pew Research Center poll conducted in late February through mid-March found that 61% of Americans back the project, compared to 27% who oppose it.

    barry and Hairy Reed would rather that the Canadians cut a deal with the Chinese.

    Obama administration pushes back Keystone decision – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

    Washington (CNN) -
    The Obama administration announced Friday that it is extending the comment period on the State Department’s Keystone XL pipeline report – a move that could delay a final decision on the project indefinitely.

    The State Department’s report found that the pipeline would not have a significant environmental impact. It was due to be finalized after a 90-day comment period ended in early May.
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  2. ghrit

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    One more barrier to progress by the progressives.
  3. BTPost

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    I wonder if Harry's Kid has a deal to get the Chinese, buying Canadian Crude.... Inquiring Minds, want to know....
  4. Yard Dart

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    that or Harry is waiting for a payment into his private account, to change his mind....:mad:
  5. -06

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    When the PTB get their money increases lined up they will let it go through. Wrong people own the land along it's path.
  6. Mindgrinder

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  7. cdnboy66

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    the chinese will gladly take it and make hefty "royalty" payments to all the bands who have land under the pipeline
    they will sell it to india and domestically and make huge profits to buy more gold

    it will ship out of Prince Rupert, and probably cause the dock there to double in size, which will revitalize another Coastal town.
    I am thinking huge Federal Grants to build wharfs and docks and a new Customs warehouse

    it's all good until the exxon valdez shows up
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  8. kellory

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    It never will....under that name anyways. It was renamed shortly after it's disaster. (no one would allow them to dock anywhere.)
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  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    ""royalty"" Paid to ??(the Crown) Canada with so much resources & only 30 Mil mouths , & were friggin broke !!! MATH is not adding up !! We supply 80% fuel to USA , but were the worst postal system in the Nato.

    Canuks , time for head shake & a reality check . I priced out a postal package from Vancouver to Ontario ,16.52 cdn,I paid 3.20 USD from 98292 to Ontario .. Problem ?? I say so .. Small stores going out of business, but internet sales in Canada are shipping cost extreme .
    Glad I have my 98292 pad. Distilled water in USA is 72cents , from pharmasave it's 2.99 from all the levy's & recycling & taxes..

    It's time Canuks
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  10. cdnboy66

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    ^^ @CruisinSloth you have to consider that the USPS is billions in the hole, Canada Post isn't in that much better shape, and their prices are higher because they are losing less money on shipping, hence the rise in prices and reduction of services.
    ( which leads to a whole different page of waste and misgovenment)
    but I don't think it's a sustainable business model, more of a Social Service funded by taxpayers

    and yes, I do have a USPS POBox for those exact reasons. I wish I could nobly claim it was to support the monkey through my Amazon addiction.

    As online shipping ramps up, you will see the shipping companies making more money and vendors less as everyone shops "price point"
    it also has the adverse effect of using more and more fossil fuels which keeps our cousins from NFLD working in the patch

    """royalty""" as in land usage fees with appropriate contracts that are full of obfuscatory language in regards to liability for clean up should a pipeline break while under pressure
    paid to the leaseholder, which will probably ( given my thinking of what the trajectory of said pipeline will be) be First Nations bands that hold/own/occupy ( or have laid claim to) the lands the pipelines rest in or on.
    some may be Crown Land, not sure which path it will take if it's North of the 49th

    though, I could be way off base and the US is just playing chicken while looking for a bargain on oil/gas
    because sure as the sun rises, once they announce the line is approved and the first length is laid, expect a price hike
  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    CDN KID, you have been lead down a path. Cdn postal is not a gov business, it's private , & the rest of crown comes every two years to check our books to pay ENGLAND !! = Crown.
    Plz Canuk Kid , read why we get visited every two years, as well as India,NZ,Auzi etc. MATH !! Our GNP is huge for 30 MIL mouths !! But were broke .
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  12. cdnboy66

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    article from a local small BC paper available online
    Aboriginals offered share of LNG revenues - Boundary Creek Times

    VICTORIA – The B.C. government has signed its first two revenue sharing agreements with aboriginal communities on the North Coast for liquefied natural gas developments.
    Agreements were signed at the B.C. legislature Wednesday with representatives of the Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla First Nations near Prince Rupert. The two Tsimshian communities claim lands known as Grassy Point as part of their traditional territory, and the agreements could mean up to $15 million from LNG export revenues.
    Benefit sharing has been the B.C. government's preferred strategy to advance industrial development in areas of the province where treaties remain unresolved. They began with logging, and in recent years have been applied to mining agreements.
    Grassy Point is the site of two proposed LNG developments north of Prince Rupert. One is Aurora LNG, a joint venture involving Nexen Energy, a division of the China National Overseas Oil Company (CNOOC). The other is proposed by Woodside, an Australian oil and gas company.
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  13. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Ayup , I was only hoping you could master math & see the real quadrants of numbers .Please tell me the GNP of England ? and there expenses.. 15 mill is gink , small change, 15 Bil is worth posting 15 mil IS squat in the corporate world .That is the world Im in & employed with.
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  14. Mindgrinder

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    Aquilini Group’s pipeline project gains support as First Nations group abandons North Gateway camp

    On Monday morning a new First Nations-backed pipeline in partnership with the Aquilini Group gathered steam with the decision by a Burns Lake band to withdraw support for the competing Enbridge Northern Gateway crude oil project.

    The Aquilini family, which owns the Vancouver Canucks as well as a vast array of development and agricultural companies, said it will underwrite the estimated $18-billion pipeline proposed by Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings, as long as it gets support of all First Nations through whose territory the pipeline would travel.

    David Negrin, president of Aquilini Group, said the project is slowly building steam as First Nations along the route recognize there is a viable alternative to the Enbridge proposal.

    Globalist shills....if they can't get it in through Enbridge...they bring in a hockey team owner to bribe the injuns.

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