Obama Didn't Build THIS...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 3M-TA3, Sep 13, 2018.

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    ... and neither did Trump or any other government entity. All it took was for the parasite of Government to suck a tiny bit less from the life of the tree of Liberty. There is a TON of misinformation and this briefing says a lot.

    A strong US economy that produces tangible goods makes many bad things such as economic collapse, civil war, riots, etc.. become less likely and perhaps things can cool down just a smidge.

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  2. oil pan 4

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    What makes you think that wasn't Obamas plan?
    You know, destroy manufacturing, send jobs over seas, high unemployment, stagnation, economic collapse, riots, civil war?
    Just think of the power grab the government would impose after a non government sanctioned organized citizen purge?

    (We already know they would have helped kick it off by setting the conditions, law enforcement would ignore the would be shooters, government would inflame the situation by going after one group and not the other, law enforcement would be strangely absent when it starts and remain MIA until after the violence had peaked, then their would be calls to remove people's rights before the blood on the streets had a chance to dry.)
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    I don't think it was originally Dumbo's plan , he was just another pawn in the game . This game has been playing out for quite a while . I feel it started during Klinton's term in office with his NAFTA deal . I don't feel Klinton was the master of this plan , it had to be In the making's for years , but he was just the one that publicly kicked it off . But I am far from the political or economic strategist here . This is just what my simple mind think's ,,,,,:D ,,,,,
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  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    Big issues started with Roosevelt II, and pushed through by Johnson's Great Society programs... then we no longer became responsible for our selves...
  5. oil pan 4

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    The Obama administration,
    Was it malice or ignorance?

    Well according to the entire Obama administration and their supporters trump is stupid, ignorant, knows nothing, is unqualified, has no idea what he is doing and only going to make things worse.

    Then I wonder what the hell their excuse for those 8 years is?

    According to Obama supporters a retarded orangutan could do what trump is doing. Well then, what does that make obama?
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    The Nation has been headed down this path for a long time, with the foundation being laid to build where we are at today. Seriously does anyone here actually believe we have a Government for the people and by the people? That Government was buried a long time ago as well. What we have had for the last 4 generations is simply the acceleration of things. The Boomers and the great society is when the throttle started getting turned up, Gen X the wide spread indoctrination in public schools began, the Mils bought into the government is the responsible for everything good that happens, and now the Gen Z by and large prays "Our Government who are in DC hallowed be thy name." A dependent people are a easy to manipulate and control people. Obama LOL nothing more than a sock puppet with the real powers hand shoved up his ass making his lips move........ Just like every president from FDR to Obama. It remains to be seen if trump is different or just another spectacle in this twisted show of smoke, mirrors and illusion that most believe is reality. There always has to be a enemy and there always has to be fear and that enemy seems to have became the President and it is genius, half the people hated feared Obama and Now half the people hate and fear Trump. Different pawns on the board but the same game IMO.
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    I would agree except to say that Reagan was no ones puppet.. FDR started us on the road towards Socialism and every Democrat since has helped it along. Republican Presidents tend to slow the train down. Maybe Trump can stop it.
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    @nmpops ...
    Not sure why you quoted me...as I was talking about my Camillus pocket knife...which as far as I know , has never expressed any political opinion to me whatsoever....:D
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