Obama Dies And Goes to Heaven

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  1. RouteClearance

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    Obama dies and goes to heaven. After he approaches the Pearly Gates, St. Peter comes out to welcome him. St. Pete ask what his name is and he replies, my name is Barack Obama, and I am the President of The United States. St. Pete looks at him suspiciously and ask him "when did that happen"? Obama looks at his watch and relies "about 20 minuntes ago"
  2. CBMS

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    lol. Funny that the Mass Media is finally talking about how neither of our president Elects will not survive the term. Obama will get "Capped by a home(owner)" and MaCwhatshisname will have a stroke and heart attack. SOOOOOO We can either choose Biden or Palin. (hey if you replace the "n" with a "t" in Biden you get what hes really good for. And Palin is the "Plain" Choice!)
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