Obama: Don't stock up on guns

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by hacon1, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Obama: Don't stock up on guns

    December 8, 2008

    BY ABDON M. PALLASCH Political Reporter

    As gun sales shoot up around the country, President-elect Barack Obama said Sunday that gun-owning Americans do not need to rush out and stock up before he is sworn in next month.

    "I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment," Obama said at a news conference. "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear. I said that throughout the campaign. I haven't indicated anything different during the transition. I think people can take me at my word."

    But National Rifle Association spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said it's not Obama's words — but his legislative track record — that has gun-buyers flocking to the stores.

    "Prior to his campaign for president, his record as a state legislator and as a U.S. Senator shows he voted for the most stringent forms of gun control, the most Draconian legislation, gun bans, ammunition bans and even an increase in federal excise taxes up to 500 percent for every gun and firearm sold," Arulanandam said.

    Obama answered "yes" in 1996 to a questionnaire from an Illinois group on whether he supported a handgun ban. But he later said a staffer filled out that answer and he did not support a ban.

    Nationally, background checks for gun purchases jumped nearly 49 percent during the week Obama was elected, compared with the same time period last year, according to the FBI's National Instant Background Check System.

    Anecdotally, gun dealers around the country have reported spikes in sales. The Illinois State Rifle Association Reports gun sales for November were 38 percent higher than last year.

    "We don't dispute [the gun sales hike] because the numbers from the federal system certainly confirm that there is increased activity out there. We just think it's a bit stupid," said Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign against Gun Violence.

    "Anyone who thinks they need to rush out and buy a firearm clearly has not been paying attention to how quickly we make progress on this issue. We don't think these are first-time buyers. We think they are people who already have more than enough guns at their homes to protect themselves and are buying more."
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  2. ColtCarbine

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    We all know how much we can take a politician at his word. Until his actions are different than his record, I'll continue my support in helping boost the economy :D
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  3. ghrit

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    hacon1, nice find. Just gives me a chance to rant, appreciate it. I add that the reporter (PALLASCH) doesn't seem to be adding editorial noise.

  4. Seawolf1090

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    I prefer to learn from history. obama's voting record is a part of history - a lot can be learned of his true intentions, in what he has already done.
    He already stated himself - "What do I have to say to get your vote?"
    That statement alone tells me what i need to know of his total lack of character - he tells the public what they want to hear. He's a politician - lying is a part of his job.
    Look at his actions, his voting record - then tell me he "won't take your gun!" [dunno]
  5. Grant9908

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    All I know is if he does another stemulis package I'm supporting the econ. by getting another gun lol.
  6. overbore

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    ?How can you tell when he is lying?????

    When his mouth is open!!!!![fnny]

  7. Seawolf1090

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    I've GOT the guns. I'm stocking up on AMMO. :rolleyes:
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  9. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    let me spell it out for all of you retards

    30-06+lots of ammo+a 9mm=when shtf comes you kick ass.
  10. ghrit

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    We have over 1400 members. Would you care to say how many are retards? Before you answer that, go back and read the CoC item 1. Note also that this post has precious little to do with the Obama's gun ownership stance.
  11. CraftyMofo

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    Kinda wish Obama would threaten to ban American cars...we could use a bump in sales around here.
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  12. ColtCarbine

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    Careful this place is full of retards [booze]
    retards guns  motivational poster posters inspirational funny demotivational hot  humorous pictu.
  13. VisuTrac

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    Hmmm, wonder if we should still not stock up on guns and ammo ?
  14. CATO

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    is veiled in political double-talk. For instance, if they ban AR-15s and and you 5 of them, but turn them in, YOU have nothing to fear because you're abiding by the law . . . the law . . . the LAW---"Lawful gun owners" means something vastly different to that prick than it does people who acknowledge the 2nd Amendment.
  15. Tikka

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    Link is broke or they removed the article.
  16. Gator 45/70

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    Hey Obama.
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  17. kellory

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    On a list for sure now....[tf]
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  18. VisuTrac

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    It's ok , the OP took the time to include the text of the article in the post.
  19. Tikka

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    I know, but it would have been nice to point others to the original. 0bama's scrubbing in action.
  20. Tikka

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    Hootie hoo, a late model.

    Civilian post ban?

    (FA ban not AWB etc)
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