Obama Justifies FEMA Illegal Arrests

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CANDY fISHER, Jan 20, 2011.


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    I am amazed!
    This was run on MSNBC?
  3. Seawolf1090

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    Darkly humorous how he castigates the prior administration for doing the sort of things he himself now plans to do!!

    And, in yesterday's news, he is already beginning his re-election campaign, building the team in sunny Chitown.

    Lordy, I sure hope we do not get saddled with another four miserable years of this illegal buffoon in the Offal Office. [own2]
  4. UGRev

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    Ok, I missed this because I don't watch his speeches on TV. I literally cannot stand his voice. When was this aired?
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    He's quite calculating and extremely methodical. When I first saw this all I could think was how brilliant. What an ingenious way to have your cake and eat it too, [FONT=&quot]Executive Order -- Amending Executive Order 12425 | The White House. [/FONT]I was wondering how he'd circumvent just enough of his Executive Order to retain control over the "chosen".... you know.... anyone deemed to have "potential" to be a threat to Americans. Why.... I do believe Homeland Security and the UN's Interpol are well on the way toward "harmonization". Imagine that.
  7. Byte

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    Much as I dislike her I have to admire the last statement she made. Who will they turn to to save them now? Or will they stick with him at all costs?

  8. Equilibrium

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    I'm convinced most are brainwashed so my bet is the majority will stick to their party line when it comes to him. I've already heard from two personal friends that after 8 years of Bush.... we're all stilll better off than we were no matter what President Obama does. It's incredibly disheartening. Even the Democrats I know who "get" that what's going on is fundamentally very wrong will still vote for their party the next election so.... he could very well get elected again which.... churns my stomach to no end.
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