Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video

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    I didn't hear him say anything that I disagree with. The Bible, the Torah, the Qur'an, and every other religious book needs to stay out of our public policy. I don't want to live under a theocracy, regardless of the religion. Our public policy should be based on the needs of the society, should adhere to the constitution, and should reflect the ideals of our founding fathers. Like that is ever going to happen. ;)
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    I find it rather ironic when a Youtube commentator whinges and whines, complaining that Obama has taken scriptural texts out of context, whilst himself taking excerpts from Senator Obama's speech out of context. Apparently what is sauce for the goose....is not...sauce for the gander! The Youtube clip (apparently the creation of Stephen Marks) , in some two minutes and nine seconds, plucks approximately 60 or so seconds out of a 43 minute speech delivered by Obama, and submits that as slam dunk evidence that Obama is mocking the Bible and Jesus Christ. How impressive? Well...not really. Just a tawdry contrived effort at swiftboating * Obama.

    For a well reasoned critique of the video clip in Post #1 of this thread, I highly recommend the commentary at:

    A Critical Look at the YouTube Video: “Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ and the Bible/Video/Obama Is Not A Christian” | The Watchtower.

    for an alternative take on the video clip....

    Obama Makes Fun of the Bible-It's a Matter of Opinion!

    I particularly liked the Blog response at the Fitness For The Occasion website....

    * Swift Vets and POWs for Truth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Divide and conquer.
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    It drives me crazy that the same people who put the "Protect Religious Freedom" signs in their front yard are always the same ones trying to use their religion to dictate law. Religious Freedom means the freedom to practice your faith AND not having another push their beliefs upon you. I don't like the man one bit, but he is correct here. Laws need to be based on 2 things: Is it constitutional, and does it protect our individual freedom? Sure enough though, that is the same guy who wants to circumvent the constitution to get his little anti-freedom projects passed. It is just proof to me that there are few people who understand freedom. To everyone, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Jew, everyone, freedom only means "My Freedom".
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    With every freedom that you get you also get a responsibility. Freedom = responsibility. How much better would the world be if everyone knew this one little rule?
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    All men worship something, even if it's only the image they see in the mirror. One’s religious views espouse an ideology depending on that religion and one’s interpretation and adherence. Ones atheistic views espouse another ideology depending on the form of and amount of control they desire.

    A government without ideology or control would be no government at all, Anarchy. Any government beyond that seeks to bind the people into acceptable behavior. A limited government seeks to interfere as little as needed for the common good. An unlimited government seeks to control every aspect of a people’s lives, See N. Korea as an example.

    The question is where do you stand and how far are you willing to let government go? One can easily live under a government which is not burdensome and that seeks to allow others to live free as well, whether religious or secular. There are of course limits.

    One can have religious views yet understand others do not share those views and believe that all stand in the end under God's court. The atheist construct of extremist collective socialism, according to its authors can allow no dissent for it to succeed. Other forms of tyranny can at times allow much freedom. It depends on who’s on the seat of power.

    Every act of brigandry or unprovoked violence aganst another should be addressed whether one is for or against God and a good government is one that you don't even know is there for the most part. IMHO anyway.
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    He Knows whats in there!His Days are numbered!!! [reddevil]

    Religious beliefs aside, some of the stuff that this guy is responsible for is purely EVIL!
    One day somebody will come forward and blow the whistle on him and" There will Be HELL TO PAY!!"
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    So, let me get this straight....NOW, he says getting stoned is a BAD thing?
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    Yeah but unlike Clinton He says he inhaled!
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