Obama the rock star?

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    On July 24, an estimated 10,000 people came to hear Barack Obama speak in Berlin, Germany. Reportedly, it was "the largest crowd of his campaign so far."

    No one mentioned that before the Democrat nominee spoke to a crowd in Berlin, two popular German acts — reggae artist Patrice and a rock band, Reamonn —

    entertained the audience of young people. I am taking an educated guess that much of that crowd in Germany actually came to hear the bands and then were treated to an introduction to an "young, cool and hip" American Presidential candidate.

    CNN headlined its 10 p.m. segment on May 18 with "Barack Obama: Achieving Rock Star Status in Oregon." Again, it appears that thousands of people came to see the presidential candidate speak. This happened at Portland's Waterfront Park, in Oregon.

    However, no one reports that the crowd came to see a great concert there, too. The Decemberists, a five piece band, charmed the crowd for a good hour before Obama spoke at the podium. They even closed the show.

    There's nothing wrong with a candidate using celebrity power to draw a crowd, as Obama has done throughout his campaign, but news organizations should be responsible in their coverage. By ignoring the free concert "draw," newspaper and TV news made it appear that thousands upon thousands of people were drawn only by Sen. Obama's popularity.

    Obama has time and energy to visit leaders all over Europe to discuss war and politics and entertain the crowds that can't even vote for him. However, I so very disappointed he could not take time to visit "our own" soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan who fight for his right to travel the world and speak so freely.

    Will the media ever learn to report on the whole story? Let's all vote responsibly, and not judge by a popularity contest. .

    Lynn Rousseau,

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    Typical of the MSM mentality, and they are, afterall, pushing that 'rockhead' Obama as their candidate of choice - the truth doesn't have a part in their agenda.

    Wonder what tune they'll be singing a couple years on, after President Obama raises all our taxes by two or three times?

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