obama visit creates photo op in disaster area

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    The pres spoke to news cameras today in the disaster area
    acomment to the cnn story reveals the typical "backstory" Bp bused in hundreds of cleanup workers minutes before obama arrived and packed them off after the press conference

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    I have been on Grand Isle all week. This is the truth and can be verified by checking with wwl out of New Orleans. All of this was staged. 20 minutes before the president arrived 3 bus loads of workers wearing new white boots and new t shirts arrived at the location. They began cleaning up. 30 minutes after the president left they all loaded back on the busues and left the isalnd. I do not know who orchestrated this if it was BP or the white house but the president has no clue how bad this is. They have been preparing for him all week at that location and had the workers delivered on cue . That is the only location in the area anything has been done. Check out wwldotcom to see other eyewitness reports of this

    Obama speaks about oil spill after tour of affected areas – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs
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