Obama: We’re working on gun control “under the radar”

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tikka, May 27, 2011.

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    Yeah, I don't see that happening before a re-election campaign. Perhaps after? And as far as I can tell, this is only rumor. Granted, Obama and the Libtards will be the first to grab at guns, but I don't see anything "under the radar" yet. Of course, it is "under the radar", so...perhaps careful concentration is in order here.
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    Normally I'd agree; however, 0bama is a moon bat nut job. Remember, 0bama said if he gets "it" done he doesn't care if he is a one term president.
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    Uh. Okaaay? He's crazy. Riiight. [loco]

    It's political strategy. It is one thing to DO something, and quite another to let slip a little rumor in an attempt to test the waters and to slowly and steadily condition the population into believing something will happen when it won't. Then, when it does...oh my. Who is crying wolf? Those crazy people? Well, nobody listens to them, now.
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    obummer doesn't need to necessarily 'ban guns'. He can simply have his regulatory Csars work their magic and make ammo ludicrously expensive, ban lead, skyrocket the price of brass, copper and other 'strategic metals', and make it impossible to keep ranges open. And his little buddy Sunstein can get hunting severely restricted, or curtailed in many areas.
    Basically, regulate the whole shooting industry out of existence - while never making the Second Amendment null&void!
    When We The People finally grow a pair collectively and 'ban' rampant Liberalism' in Government maybe we can reverse a lot of this nonsense - it'll be a "Man's Job" to get it back right.......
    An early step MUST be getting the US out of the UN! That is utterly mandatory. End the infection by getting rid of the contagion........
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    I'd say these "under the radar" attempts at gun control are likely the methods mentioned in headlines lately like Gunrunner (huge failure) and the shotgun ban (not likely to be supported by any court since the 2nd Amendment is now tied to individual rights- including the right to self defense).

    If you didn't catch the writing on the wall when Hillary tried to turn attention to the SW border just after the election... this was the administration's vain attempt at gun control. With the lack of control by BATFE, a dead border agent, the SC upholding the 2nd, and pro-2nd legislation being passed at the state level monthly... the administration is living in the 90s. This Clinton era BS isn't being bought by anyone. The rest of the dummy-crats aren't touching the issue with a 10 foot pole, especially this close to election time.

    As for reelection, not likely. I think a stump could run beat Obama at this point. the best rating he has had in 6 months was from killing Osama.... and that peak has started it's downturn.
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    Obama banned a million ww2 Garrands with a single stroke of his pen according to Rand Paul. We cant import them. The Un small arms treaty is and has been a nagging item pushing and pushing for acceptence. Bill Clinton signed it years ago and it keeps coming up for ratification but the Senate keeps saying no. The rest of the worlds super powers have banned guns and they expect us to fall in line. The Brady group is a small threat compared to The Global elite who want to see the worlds populations totally defenseless and compliant.

    It is the steady bombardment by the anti gun nuts that slowly erodes away the 2nd amendment. It never stops. It is up to us as citizens to pass on good gun policy to our kids. If we we dont use our rights they get taken away or infringed. I always here the words (why do you need a semi automatic rifle?) High capacity mags? military style rifles etc etc etc.

    Many People miss the most important part of the 2nd Amendment and that is the fact that is not just a right but a mandate. Its states a well regulated(means trained) MILITIA BEING NECESSARY to the preservation of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The word necessary makes this a mandate on the people and the government. An armed citizen MILITIA was deemed necessary to preserve liberty in a free state. W e the people have to exercise our second amendment rights. Join the Militia, join hunting and shooting groups,write your congressman or woman and complain about infringements. The less we do as pro gun advocates the more we are seen as a dying breed. The Michigan Militia addresses the Government on a regular basis with redress of grievance . Many times our representatives have stood in front of congress and spelled it out. W e need more of this in your face pro gun lobbying. Its like this people , use it or lose it. Hiding away and playing dead will not help 2nd amendment rights. Kingfish
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  8. Tikka

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    Do you believe he is sane?

    However, I'd hope we agree that 0bama is an out of touch with reality narcissist.
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    I dunno. I doubt he is crazy in the clinical term. Possibly sinister, definitely cold-blooded. Maybe crazy in the way we could describe a sociopath, but not talking to telephone poles crazy. But, I don't know the man personally.
  10. Seawolf1090

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    He's very sane, just an evil tool of evil masters. More so than prior Presidents. This one is AntiAmerican to the core, and is working to further his masters' bidding. Our entire political system has been corrupted to the core.
    There is really only one way to 'fix' it, but We The People will simply go on voting another set of criminals into power as the old ones outlive their usefulness to The Cause......
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  11. Brokor

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    I can bet dollars to donuts Obummer will be "re-elected". With 100% certainty.

    Any takers?

    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    Every dictatorship thru out history has disarmed the people it wanted to govern. No difference now with Obama or the "Liberal Elitist" that he works for.
    The problem with their plan to dis-arm Americans is that far to many of us are armed and are aware of what they are doing. I have several weapons that have been passed down to me from my dad and granddad(s) that there was no paper work. Since I practice on a regular basis and do a lot of my own reloading it will be hard for them to know what I have. I have a friend who is a master machinist and Gun-smith he has made several precision rifles of different calibers over the years for friends. There are a bunch of folks like him around.

    "No White Flag Above My Door"
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    I fear you are right. [kneelsuckers]
  14. Seacowboys

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    I'll vote for him before I'd vote for one of those RINO candidates that they keep trying to foist on us. AT least we have the Bummer two-blocked.
  15. ghrit

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    For now, at least. It's been said that knowing your enemy is half the battle, and at this time we know zero, only too well. What might follow him, who knows? Could be worse. Let him stay on and see to it that Congress is packed "correctly" and dot gov might leave us alone.
  16. Brokor

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    Just vote for Ron Paul and let the chips fall as they may. At least we will have sent a clear message that we will not go silently into the night, we will never surrender.
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  17. ghrit

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    The biggest problem with Ron Paul is his age, he'll be pushing 90 pretty hard (tho' not quite there) if he gets two terms. We have to be extremely careful of who his running mate turns out to be. Other than that, he has my vote.
  18. Gator 45/70

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    Hmmm...Sure if your paying in silver coin...
    I will put up some Meche's Donut's...

  19. Brokor

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    hehe =P

    Let's look at this another way. I could be mistaken here, but let's step back and gain a different perspective for a moment.

    It all began with the Clinton Administration.
    The Lewinski scandal began a new age of controversy, nothing new in politics, but the way it was dramatized and played out in the corporate media started a landslide of deceit and doubt. Of course, it may have all been a cover-up for the Chinagate scandal, but this is beside the point of this post.

    Next, we had the Bush vs. Gore controversy.
    This, of course started a whole new chapter in American incompetence and intrigue. With this hotly contested scandal, the very idea of "democracy" within the greatest nation on earth became something of a joke. Again, the media just couldn't get enough.

    Enter Obama, the savior.
    Could it be that the "powers that be" made certain to escalate the game a bit? I am sure Obama would say, "yes he can" play the part well.
    Whether or not he is actually even a natural born citizen is still up for grabs. Does anybody actually stop to think about the consequences if he is indeed not an American?

    To recap, here's what I am getting at. Falling in line with typical dismantling of a nation by tearing down its fundamentally perceived power, the globalists have cleverly and quite patiently eroded the sanctity of the executive branch; only the United Nations (global governance) is heralded to be effective, worthwhile, and decent --at least as far as the media portrays it. First, we had the Clinton scandals and whitewash of real happenings in order to convey the idea that normal procedure simply doesn't work in this country any more. The dark stain on the White House will forever remain as a result, enough to make the JFK infidelity rumors look like a joke. Next, we have the process of voting in America and the highly criminal actions which took place in Florida with the miscount under Marvin Bush's reign. Since the first controversy took care of the perception of the executive, this second move cemented the actual democratic process as being a hoax. Public perception of trust in their vote actually meaning something never fell to a lower level. Finally, we have Obama, who is neither elected nor a natural born citizen. The controversy within the executive branch of government has once again been used to prove to the world that there must be a better solution -and the United Nations (global governance) will be the answer. Mark my words.

    The point of all of this post is to help you to gain focus (I hope). If the next election is to follow this same pattern I have just briefly explained, then we can expect nothing less than total acceptance of international politics with an ever-expanding UN doctrine full of media coverage of the "New World" coming into being. The Presidency of America is dissolving, and it is going to be replaced with oligarchical appointment and steady aim toward global governance. This is why I say Obama will continue. It is only my opinion, but I just cannot envision another president after what has already come to pass, at least not in the traditional sense of the meaning.
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    Hmm...His biggest mistake...He went after the Rich man's coin....
    and that hope and change B.S. did'nt work for many,many voter's...
    = he's a goner...
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