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    Does anyone seriously wonder if Obama is truly for America or is he a pawn for a bigger action against the people of the u.s.? His foreign policy is week like a patsy waiting on its next order from the true people in charge and its not the orders portrayed but the american public. I'm wondering how much Putin and Isis pads his pocket. What's your thoughts guys? Personally I'm tired of the wondering about this Presidents willingness to give the knuckleheads of the world an opportunity to strike us at home because he portrays us as a bunch of all talk and no action sissies!
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    Reality may not be far off....... ;)
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    That could be very true! It seems that's his answer to the whole problem. The only thing missing is his illegal caddies
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    And some really big holes.....;)
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    JDAM's will take care of that my friend!!!
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    The "President" loves all of us. He is the one who inspired all of us to believe that we CAN make a difference. Trust the news, trust your television. Believe Obama, he's not a bad man, he wasn't really a lawyer or a Chicago gangster crook, just an average college educated man who has a loving, strong wife with a strong chin, he's a loving father and a devout...spiritual man. Never mind these rumors or the pictures and the testimony of people who claim he's a foreign born traitor. These are all lies. Even though no birth certificate has ever been produced and all Obama's records are sealed, we believe him. He's our loving leader, after all. Why would he want to ever hurt us?

    Every decision Obama has ever made has been for the good of America, and for the good of Democracy. He's just a really good man who deserves a hug, gosh darn it.


    Okay, I am done. LOL
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    The Only "Hope and Change" he's managed is the "Hope that it will Change Back!"
    So much for Hope!
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    [woot] NO!!
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  11. Gopherman

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    I know whenever his lips are moving he's lying, however, out of respect for any human being I have to post the entire speech, this snippet completely out of context!
    In the spirit of truth and fairness that the Left almost never affords conservatives I have to take the high ground!
    Here is the entire speech. That out take is about 3-4 minutes in.
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    Thanks Gopherman on finding the entire speech. Yep, outta context, but great propaganda nonetheless.
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