Obamacare's Army

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Jun 21, 2013.

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    It Takes an Army: Tens of Thousands of Workers Roll Out Obamacare | Fox Business

    "What is clear is that relatively few of the Obamacare-related jobs are in healthcare"
    They never planned on hiring more medical professionals. It was just a smoke screen to make citizens believe this would fix medical cost issues. The reality is they are going to make it so expensive that the people truly in need of some form of assistance will never be able to participate because of its cost. It was a just a vehicle used to grow government with the hiring of so many and the contracting of thousands more with our tax dollars to implement the act.
    I wonder if the sheer weight of the cost and most likely, lack of participation by younger folks needed for solvency, will collapse the Affordable Care Act?

    This is a community organizer's wet dream!!
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    The one word that keeps running through my mind is NO
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  3. Yard Dart

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    17% of the national spending is just outrageous!!
  4. Kingfish

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    We do not have any healthcare insurance at the present. The reason is there is not one plan out there that we can afford which will cover our needs. It is Cheaper for us to use walgreens prescription drug card and pay cash for the drugs. No matter what plan we go with we will pay over 10 grand on any hospital stay.

    Let me be clear, the problem with healthcare costs is Insurance period. Insurance companies spend upwards of 40% of their income(premiums payed by you and me) on running their companies. This is first and foremost what is wrong with the way we pay for healthcare. Take those same dollars payed in taxes for medicaid and insurance premiums and put them in a trust fund instead of insurance companies and you are able to cover everyone for any condition , eye care dental and health all covered easily by recouping that 41% .

    Some people call this a single payer system. I do not for one minute think government should run it. There should be a panel of doctors, patient advocates and state representatives overseeing the fund. Government should not be allowed to borrow from it or touch this fund at all. With a trust fund in place just the interest on the money would pay for the poor and low income. I would support such a single payer system as long as the Government did not control it. KF
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    Nice in theory but you know that the government just could help itself and would end up getting involved and screwing it up. Then they'd have a surplus one year and end up "borrowing" that money to pay for more entitlements like signing more illegals up for Snap and that would be all she wrote for that program. Or they'd turn it into the model of inefficiency that is the VA. Probably both.
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    Insured woman treated at 'wrong' hospital could go bankrupt | Fox News
  7. Kingfish

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    Well, so much happened since my post in June of 2013. I was diagnosed with squamas cell carcinoma on my lower lip in November of 2013 and was basically forced to buy into the Obamacare nightmare or face losing my home. We ended up with a marketplace gold plan that cost us 260.04 a month with a 500 dollar deductible. They gave us 518 a month as a tax credit which we applied to our bill every month. We had to drop that plan this coming year as the cost went up almost double 485.00 a month our cost so we down graded to a silver plan with decent prescription coverages. The gold plan did its job and saved us thousands of dollars in cancer treatment, removal surgery and other tests. They got it all and Im clear. I hate being forced to do anything and we are going even further down the drain when my wife goes on social security disability. She will automatically go on medicare leaving me on whatever I can afford until I retire in 8 years. This market place shit has driven the cost of healthcare up that much is for sure.
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    Welcome home, K-fish. Sorry to hear of the troubles, glad to hear you are clear.
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    Glad to see you posting, again KF... Sorry for your Health Issues.... Happy, that you were able to beat the Big "C" ... Hope, to see more of your stuff....
  10. Yard Dart

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    Glad you were able to beat the cancer... lost a friend this time last year to it....
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    Welcome home.
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    Glad to here you around here again Kingfish. Hope "C" stays gone.
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    Welcome back!
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    welcome back... I guess this helps explain the changes in the unemployment rates....
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