Obama's real father

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    Perhaps this has been posted before. The story goes, Frank Marshall Davis was a CIA tool stationed in Hawaii. He got Obama's mother pregnant and used his CIA connections to get JR distanced from himself while still being his mentor. Obama admits in his book that he spent more time with FMD than anyone else growing up. This could be the reason for hiding the birth certificate, not because it proves he was born in Kenya, but because it proves his real father is a known communist and hater of America.

    Frank Marshall Davis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I was also going to post a link to the movie Obama2016 but it seems to have been censored.
    Official site of Dreams from My Real Father (2012)
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    I felt that considering the amount of Speculation involved here, that this thread should be in the Tn Foil Hat Lounge, rather than the Freedom and Liberty Forum....... It really has nothing to do with Freedom & Liberty......
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    good call
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    Way past any point that can be resolved . Im just waiting for the next Pres to be a transvestite , blond hair old lady with balls that she got from BILL ;)

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    I hate to say this, but you right because I can see Hitlery being elected in 2016. Just look at Zero being elected and then re-elected by a majority of morons/welfare recipients/sheeple in this country.

    Your analogy of Hitlery was great.
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    Mostly right, but the balls came from Hillery
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    Do not see hitlery even getting the nomination. Way too much bad press over Benghazi. The demon craps will come up with someone just as liberal, just as pro everything we hold decent, just as crooked--DC is a rich ground for such a search.
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    Bobbit Hillery
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    Dig up Maria Shriver-Swartzenegger for the next election. I'm sure she has nothing to do at the moment since she's not looking after Arnold anymore, and she has the Kennedy pedigree.
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