Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans

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    Here's a few tidbits to ponder, as found on The American Thinker :

    All's I can say is buy Beans, Boolits and Bandaids folks.
    Buy it cheap and stack it deep. [monkeyeating]
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    better yet ....

    If this Link is true, How does an Inmate in Texas manage to get on the West Virginia Democratic Primary Ballot. Second question would be, If 41% of the voters in the Democratic primary in West Virgina prefer a Texas Inmate as a presidential candidate, what does that say about Barrack Obama's hopes for a win in November?
    Inmate Wins 41% of Votes Against Obama in Primary! | Conservative Byte
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    Well I've also heard if Obama's numbers look dismal enough there's a chance of him getting SEIU folks together with the Occu-pods and having them create enough havoc for martial law to be declared and cancel the elections.

    Even if that does not happen there's the issue of the Electoral College ignoring the popular vote and casting their ballots to re-elect Obama.

    Kinda like we're danged if we do and danged if we don't.
    Oh wait... maddd
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    obongo has nailed the Gay vote, he's got the vast majority of Black, Latino and Women voters,and other Koolade drinkers who refuse to see him for what he clearly is.

    Gonna be a very tight 'election'....... :rolleyes:
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