Obummer ex. order: Tran-Pac Pact.

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Legion489, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Not an EO. At least it isn't a done deal until the Senate ratifies it. Anyone taking bets?
  3. chimo

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    Congress will ratify it. Any rhetoric otherwise is just smoke and mirrors. All the statists want this...and both parties are infested with statists.
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    The main point of my post was that The Daily Sheeple is far less credible than the MSM which is bad enough with slants. So far as ratification goes, it's time to write your critter and cross your fingers.
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    Done...For what it is worth, my reps are bought and paid for but not by me......
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  6. chimo

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    All I get in response from writing any of my critters concerning any of these "free trade" agreements are lectures about how free trade is good and how we shouldn't make it political. Responding back telling them they are morons and how I'd like to cuff em up side the head only brings visits from the FBI.

    Congress critters don't care what we think unless what we think is in-tune with one of their major sources of money.
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    Something still stinks about the latest trade accord—and we need to raise our voices again. Last week, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement was signed by trade ministers from the 12 nations involved in the negotiations, including the United States. Now is the time to turn up the heat.

    We’ve seen the devastating effects bad trade deals have had on our communities and livelihoods. NAFTA is still fresh in our minds. That’s why we can’t let our lawmakers passively sit back and let this harmful deal become law.

    Today and tomorrow, working men and women from around the country—but particularly from Iowa—are calling our congressional representatives to do just that.

    Click here or dial 877-527-4874 now and urge your representative in Congress to oppose the TPP.

    Well at least The Daily Sheeple is far more credible Wikipedia and I know people who believe that.
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